ZAFT - The End is Near

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  1. I don't think ZAFT really cares about what any of you have to say. Seems they're content with just warring rather than coming onto forums and blabbing on and on about how done for their enemies are.
  2. Do you guys realize how many smaller accounts would jump on the chance to join Zaft if they started to rebuild
  3. Ok I have had enough of this bull ****. No ones winning as of NOW.

    War is fought until a CF is called. Then and only then is one side is a winner ( unless its a mutual cf).

    Now for the warriors they receive the most respect to those who fight with honor. It shows class. As for runners all OSW have runners. They may not be able to to war due to real life. Or they stay in there only for protection. They think there in a big clan family no one will attack them which is wrong.

    So to recap no one win until a cf it can be 1 vs 100 and if the one doesn't give up he still has a chance.
  4. OP,

    I seldom respond to forum, but pls don't associate UK-Black with ZAFT UL. I think you got confused, but he's never a ZAFT UL leader non member. Pls get your "facts" right before making such claims 

    Huay is still in ZAFT, never a runner. Went on major upgrades, HF land completed.

    -Dom- step down have nothing to do with your claim. Not gonna explain further. Let truth dwell in itself.

    Don't think you are an UC alt, they have their spokesmen that post with mains :)
  5. ZAFT won't and will not back down!
  6. Why does everyone hate Zaft?!?!?
  7. Put on the song "this is the end" by the doors and read this thread lol it's epic
  8. Long same thing said every time zaft gets into a OSW. Zaft been in Osw longer than any other clans. Bring more alliances to this an they will end up winning. Month is nothing to them they can go for another yr or two. Come back after that time.
  9. Idk why people assume that because it's an alt or statless account it has no validity. Do we not fight wars from afar in RL? There's nothing wrong with a statless alt posting IMO.
  10. OP shut up n less us war and smack talk on our own 
  11. Support ZAFT
  12. For all you haters on ZAFT...there is no winner in an osw...every clan in this war will be weakend and there numbers will thin...keep up the good fight everyone you all are the true warriors of KaW...respect to all of you on both sides of this war
  13. ⇧Lol yes riteツ
  14. I hope this goes till Last Man Standing :geek:
  15. @Silenced Assassin.

    Soon Ill Be A Wartortle. Lol
  16. Are they not both losing members?
  17. Of course zaft won't cease to exist, but working on taking them out of power.

    Why you think so many people hate zaft? Because they allow their members to do things that if were done to them they would have major problems with. That's why this whole war started. People are tired of zaft thinking they can do ill will to others and then hide behind a massive army knowing no retaliation can be made because if their mass numbers and funds. I would have to say this is prob the ONLY time zaft hasn't had the numbers advantage too btw so quit crying about it.

    You guys have bullied the kawmunity long enough. As history depicts, major forces always fall when pride and greed cloud sensible judgement. All this is, is a repeat of our own histories in rl. Zaft will be taken out of power by the people they have wronged for so long. If not this time around maybe next. No one can say for sure but like I have said from the beginning, our warriors have more heart invested in this osw because we are fighting the good fight for all of Kaw.

    Though there are good people in zaft, the leadership is obviously the prob. The ones who knew the truth (as I know from being directly involved) behind this osw left zaft and dropped allies. A few of which were high up leadership for zaft as a whole. Defiant was a good guy and I was sad to see him leave over laoda and wikked (who I might mention have been lying to most of zaft members from the beginning, hence many leaders in zaft wanted to cf this osw, but left instead because of who? Oh yeah laoda that's right).

    Also why is most of zaft losing allies and gold, while a select handful are growing and doing ee/eb while the rest of their members are getting stripped? Keep your eyes open people. Actions speak louder than words.
  18. Well said duke
  19. Dukeofhazard
    So the jist of your comment is Laoda sucks and is a horrible owner? Your kidding me right?As much as u all hate Laoda nobody can deny he is the greatest leader in KaW history.