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Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by 1SexyLady, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. What a ride its been!

    I myself have been involved 3 big OSW's against and Carnage must have been one of the clans i have hit and stripped into the most.

    But this game is a funny old game, and i can honestly truthfully say the respect i have and the friendships i have built with those who were enemy, are genuine.

    You guys deserve this. You have earn't your respect, your place in history. You were the last clan standing and thats something to be proud of and to shout it loudly from the rooftops. While being part of Zaft was an adventure and full if its own history, Carnage is who is now on peoples lips.

    I wish you the best for the future Carnage, and to new beginnings and adventures 

    KotFE Lord
  2. Thank you all, for the kind comments.
  3. Much respect to you guys, you’re a great bunch of warriors and wish you guys the best with your new kawventure
    Cake Lord
  4. I and -Midgard Warriors- have nothing but respect for the Zaft dynasty and all the warriors that passed through Zaft doors, I became close to the founders and all leaders of Zaft during the my 8 years. But time changes us all and those days are behind us, 1SL and the Carnage. team are true warriors ,survivors and true badasses. Full respect and support ️

    Deenie 
    -Midgard Warriors-
  5. Dang good thinking
  6. Well spoken Sexy! As a former member of Carnage and a casual player, I could see only a little of the stress that Sexy had to endure as the ZAFT empire declined and Carnage remained. Sexy is a good, kind, and cautious leader. A new era begins. Bravo! Well done Sexy!
  7. ️ love my carnage family ️
  8. Much respect 
  9. Much respect for ZAFT and Carnage!

    It’s been almost 8 years with kaw for me and I’ve spent every second of it seeing Zaft on the LB and kicking booty. I’ve had many friends in Zaft over the years, and been on the opposite side of war with Zaft for more than half of my time here back in Umbrella Corp days until recently. It’s sad to see the era end but I know Carnage will create their own era in Kaw without the Zaft name! Congrats Carnage!
  10. Support and respect to Carnage from Veritas and Wdgaf.

    Let’s have babies ❤️
  11. Lol Paige. I thought we were going to start our unicorn ranch before we talked about babies.
  12. Dood.

    Mad Respect for this name and the impact its had on the game.
  13. ZAFT
    Too much love and so many fond memories I carry with me for the ZAFT name. I remember the day Carnage joined the family and right then I knew that Carnage would be a great addition to FAMILY. You have proven that and never made a liar of me. You've carried the ZAFT tag with great pride and I am proud of you.

    I am prouder still that you have made this hard decision. Let Ld and our beloved ZAFT sleep. It's time for you to do your thing. Carnage and its members is awesome by its own right, and I have no doubt that you will prove that.
    To new beginnings, new bonds and new Carnage!
  14. Much respect here for you guys

    I've always thought y'all where awesome ZAFT Rules 
  15. Thanks Suspect.

    Those were some good days back then. Crazy to see how much everything changed and how far we have all come.
  16. That’s right that’s right. We better get a move on then 
  17. The ✪☣ ☠ ƈᎯરɴᎯĢε ☠ ☣✪ has just begun 
  18. Tut tut tut. . Hmmmm lol... Full respect to Zaft
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