ZAFT OSW Update ::::::

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  1. ZAFT OSW Updates

    To update and continue provide answers to the KAW Community.
    OSW - "Old School War/Off System War"
    There's two separate "big alliance war" going on right now as most of you knew about. WDGAF VS OG Round 2, and ZAFT VS UC + recently added Apocalypse alliance. I won't be posting the clan line ups for WDGAF and oG, but here's what I have from ZAFT side of war.

    13 ZAFT clans vs 24 UC/Apoc clans

    ZAFT 13 clans :::::
    ZAFT Corporation
    ZAFT Destiny
    ZAFT Genesis
    ZAFT Carnage
    ZAFT Echelon
    ZAFT Rebels
    ZAFT Faith
    ZAFT Anarchy
    ZAFT Crackdown
    ZAFT Eclipse

    Now for the list of UC and the recently added alliance of Apocalypse ::::

    Clan A
    Clan B
    Corruption Inc
    Cebu (Barcoded clan)
    Chaotic Pride
    Knights of the Fire Emblem (Apoc)
    Kotfe assassins (Apoc)
    Osiris (OG)
    Osiris Family (OG)

    Newly added :::::
    Chaos Reborn
    Chaos Reborn Dragons
    The HiT Squad
    Ultra clan
    True Spartans

    For players wondering about our involvement with WDGAF war with OG. WDGAF helped ZAFT with our war and we will return the favor as much as they helped us. Reasons behind the two OSW differs a lot for both sides, so we will still treat it as two separate wars. We always return our Favors good/bad.

    Apocalypse reason for joining in have not yet been addressed properly by Apocalypse leader/representative. Some say kotfe asked for help, some say resilience. I'm sure they will come up with something good.

    ZAFT UK recently gets a lot of spotlight, players ponders about what happened to ZAFT UK. A leader and a good bunch of players left ZAFT UK recently. This happens in all OSW, members will leave coz of the pressure in OSW and having it affected their real life. It's a big hit to the members of ZAFT UK but they will continue to move on together with ZAFT. We don't make a big hoohaa over it. ZAFT UK fighters are still around and they are supported by many ZAFT as well so I don't need members from the opposing side to trash talk about them. Personally I think ZAFT UK is much stronger than before.

    Recent events of strip on ZombieTrooper, I believed he's well and very much healthy never seriously needing surgery, I don't think anyone can be actively using palringo while undergoing surgery. To knock off several rumors, the attempted strip is due to the very fact that we tracked his activity hourly and he is extremely active 24hrs a day, till recently a big drop in his activeness that we decided to attempt a small strip, a few T to test with steals from two alliance. And increases that according over time. Whole strip and steal process more than 4 hours as the strip fund comes in batches. To bank 22T of bronze bars cleanly without self pinning and needing clan mates to pin you, for Res_0ne to even mention that ZT is in need of surgery. Seriously? Don't insult us and the Kaw community. For the alliance to follow and fight for a clan leader that conjure up with such stupid lies, misleading assumptions and repetitive propaganda. Good job being blind. (whether he's banned? we have no way to know for sure nor do we wish to discuss about it.)

    ZAFT will not forsake their members unless the player forsake ZAFT. We will stand by this motto and fight.

    Against shamelessly overwhelming numbers, we will fight till every one of our targets gets brought down and destroyed. We will find and hunt down the players that funded and supported Resilience. We will fight any clan that supported Resilience and their call for war. You can goad and taunt and trash talk, end of the day your members, clans and alliance will suffer for your own actions and arrogance. ZAFT only wants 1 clan, and we will do anything to destroy them.

    Clans that do not want to be a part of the war can approach me or Laoda directly to leave.
    For individual players that wanted out of this war can post on Laoda's Wall in the following format.
    "I will leave Res, leave UC, leave war. I request for CF."
    A handful of players have their Cease Fire rejected because their request was not genuine, and will be handled case by case basis.
  2. Seems legit...
  3. I'm on the fence.  i have friends in both zaft and kotfe this osw pains me at times. I've seen friends on both sides stripped so I wish both sides the best of luck I truly do. 
  4. The war still goes on both sides fighting on, support to my friends and brothers still fighting

    ║╖║║║╓╖ ╖║╓╖╖╥╓║╓
    ║║╫╫║╟╜ ╟╢╟╢║║║║╢
    ╙╙║║╙╙╜ ║╙║╙╙╨╜║╙
  5. So basically its a thread stating "we are outnumbered by clans".
  6. Go zaft
    Apoc are clearly butthurt over losing the past war and want a second taste of blood o_O in my opinion
  7. Support. Good speech. :)
  8. Lol @ 'shamelessly overwhelming numbers' - erm didn't see you say anything like that when zaft were in the majority, then again it wouldn't make a good story huh?

    Just one question - did you just admit WDGAF were helping you so you were gonna help them now?? Erm isn't that contradicting everything zaft has claimed so far about WDGAF?

    Nice admission but I'd suggest you get the leaders to proof read in future - they mightn't be too happy at you revealing this 

  9. This was a nice read and well written ;)
  10. This is fun to watch.
  11. Nice post, good read. An actual update rather than the nonsense in the other thread. Good luck to both sides.
  12. Nicely worded. Thank you for the update.
  13. Jb the leaders back boring 100% and the news isn't new anyway. Deadly knows who was in on his strip and he filled my news after he wiped the sleep out of his eyes. As far as us singing a different tune when we weren't outnumbered? When was that we have been outnumbered the whole war. That doesn't bother us. I look forward to a very long war. Good luck to all those fighting. Happy kawing everyone

  14. Not a alt. I like it
  15. Well the tables truly have turned. Zaft now cannot push their way with numbers. This'll be good