Zaft Carnage vs. Apoc

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. my biggest query that is mind boggleing is why has troll machine left KotFe and dropped tags and changed screenname ?!. i honestly thought he would one day be a KotFE lord . he had the warmth and magnetic personality and charizma that could shake some of kotfes harseness off and make it a more approachable clan . i mean trolls a live wire and bundle of fun .it truelly must be a low blow for apoc and kotfe to lose one of thier most in your face members. that shows things aint all sweet n rosey in the apoc/ kotfe camp .to lose such a strong member and key figure in the midst of the osw . and who will fill trolls shoes and place now hes gone from kotfe. too me i dont think theres any one who has that much panache as he had . hmmm who are kotfes new up n comings . i bet they are all bending over backwards to re invent them selves and trying to become the new troll . but hes irriplaceable and you know what they say when you take out the ones at the top the rest will crumble .and troll was one of almost thier top personalitys so as i sayd yesterday the curveball has already began !
  2. In your opinion, I look nasty for shedding light on an issue that Apocalypse is trying their hardest to conceal. You have an interesting point of view. I must say that I cannot blame you for wanting the issue to disappear. It does look terrible for Apocalypse to post a memorial thread and even go out of their way to explain her death to us only for us to see her account is used in your war when she is more than likely not even buried or cremated yet. I am sure many people (including myself) are rather disgusted to say the least. Anything negative about Apocalypse must be concealed from the public eye while they beat their war drums while purging our community of the nefarious Zaft per Apocalypse's claims.
  3. I still wonder what kind of stuff you use, share please
  4. If you wanna jump on trolls [you know what] it would be easier to just pm him your affections
  5. I don't really care what is going on with that account to be honest. That will be between you and support, if you send them a email.
    I do however know a nice person passed away. I would appreciate not being reminded on that in a thread about a osw I am currently part off, every time I do check in here.
    You have been informed by a moderator about the correct channel for your enquiries.
    We all deal with sorrow differently. Your current goal is clearly to do nothing but spread hurt and sorrow. In a way that has little to no place in this thread to begin with.
    Other then that I'll admit I'm enjoying myself immensely in the osw.
  6. Give it a rest r u thick or what?
    U gotta beef send an e-mail.
    If not then show a lil respect,
  7. What's disgusting? People write wills before they die. Leave their stuff to people close to them so that they can enjoy/use these things. I bet you wouldn't criticise anyone for driving a car that was left for them
  8. Why daft so worried about tou now lmao. Worry about those 5-6 banned accts in furby land. I still didn't get a response on that lol. My opinion stay on topic and stop bringing up tou, as the proof shows yall real good at it. Back to the topic on that note... *drops mic*
  9. Speaking of moderators, do you find it interesting that Mare has stated his main was forum banned for speaking about Sells; however, when players keep discussing Sells today, the Apocalypse moderator does not tell them their comments are inappropriate? When I speak about an account who is currently active in the war, I am told I am off topic while the Apocalypse moderator turns the other cheek about the comments related to Sells. Furthermore, if Apocalypse wants to make public claims that a beloved member has passed on, why can we not discuss publicly the intriguing activity of the account?
  10. It's a dead issue. The account was already reviewed by support with no transfer or violation made. Just a case of zaft creating distractions to avoid the focus on how badly they're losing the osw and getting stripped round the clock. Can't blame them really, the role of forum warrior is the only card left to play at this point.
  11. Weren't there screen shots of Zeus threatening NA members with his dev connections on another thread a little while back??

    The hypocrisy of a zaftie crying for a fair fight 
  12. In lieu of repeated:
    -Excessive nonsensical spam
    -Clear blatant accusations/calling out other players of abuse/cheating ONCE AGAIN

    I am hereby locking this thread and forum banning all individuals who did not capitulate to the developers warnings previously mentioned in this thread.

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