Zaft Carnage vs. Apoc

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. Please stop
    With the quoting competion, and get back on topic 
  3. Not your war. Not your concern.
  4. We got a badass over here.
  5. Lahwf :eek: I remember your strip. Not so long ago, was it ?
  6. Lahwf banner sums up how they feel. Im glad they found freedom
  7. Re: 300 T on Harb. (Zaft Carnage vs. Apoc)

    Anyone remember when this guy had 300T in allies? It probably took a lot of money and time. All that work gone in ~30minutes.
    #NeverGetsOld #Harbed #HatesUsBecauseTheyAintUs
  8. This war is awesome. So who's winning?
  9. I just saved a ton of money switching to geico
  10. Gonna get some cold cuts !!!
  11. zaft a great and terrable enemy one not to be messed with
  12. Yeah - they are like toothless chihuahuas - very scary
  13. I don't know they have been around for a while and seem stronger
  14. Yours either, glued to hte is not osw lil noob
  15. Glued to hte? :eek: Im no longer allowed to xtl troops on hte while stripping you guys? I mean I would hit zafties but all hansels hide in pin and my stable isnt getting through much else :lol: Even running xtls during strips, zaft runs 3-4 htes per every 1 we run.

    Im guessing youre just annoyed we caught one of the first strips you guys have done in awhile in mere minutes. Its ok :) just go hit your hte for "funds" the big kids will be hitting over here. Mmmkay?
  16. How many clans are left in zaft ?
  17. I'm guessing u're just annoyed that a 'dead alliance' can clear 50% in mare minutes. U know how u achieve that? Skip troops - hte later. Mmmkay?
  18. Because 1k steals is tough. That's what? 60 bars.

    /end sarcasm
  19. us zaftie are going no-where soon, we've always been the bigger alliance and always will be
  20. Its still a 100 to 1 ratio. The strips we do have more value, are actually cleared, happen more often, and cleared faster. Also the fail rate is significantly lower on our end. So if you neeed to boast about acualty finally getting 50% in under 4 hrs congrats. Valk when is the next pm time for next strip
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.