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  1. I think the biggest thing is that damnned hit range being so large
  2. Support bro and as for what i think needs to be changed i think the actual dev and support team need to take a more active role in the game itself not just posting on wc when something goes bad . And maybe something for the smaller peeps yeah the people who spend the big bucks get the most out of the game but the low end people who buy maybe a seal or xtal here and their or dont at all, dont get anything benefiting them .

    Although the newer events are a step in the right direction they are still dominated by the people with the most bank accounts and most financially well off clans . Im not saying screw the lb over for the majority im just asking that devs to thank more about the community then how much they are making each time someone buys something

    And one more thing that ungodly hit range idc that i get hit by accounts 30 even 40 mill cs ahead of me it just gets annoying after awhile

    As for the thread i hope it gets the job done gl Titan bro
  3. One other thing to add that I just now thought about: We all know HTE is not going away, and it is certainly beneficial to anyone who is trying to grow. However, since the rewards/benefits of this particular eb are far above other ebs or pvp, shouldn't we have to work a little harder too? Or have more restrictions attached to it? Yes, I understand that this was originally addressed by making it require a seal that must be purchased (with a few random drops from ebs, which like obtaining nobs from quests are few and far in between), but with the introduction and rampant multiplying of HTE clans, this really is not enough. How about setting a daily max xtal limit specifically for HTE (like 6 xtals), or restricting use of seals to one per player per 24 hour period? These are just off the top of my head, but my point is that ATA would still be getting their revenue, but at a slower pace, and from a wider customer base each day. All players would have a chance to grow, maybe at a slower pace as well, but we would be working alongside more players with similar and attainable goals.
  4. First off .... Support! I would also like to add drops to the list. They seem to be getting rarer these days. Dont think ive had a drop in 2015, on any account. This as well as some of the ides already brought up would improve the user base. Without the noobs this game is dead. We will all eventually just let the wallet warriors have and move on. BTW ... the fact that the term "wallet warrior" exists shows there is a basic issue here.
  5. Support once a member collects enough scrolls to enchant equipment any future scrolls are converted to bronze bars or aqua/inferno.
  6. Here's my idea: a pve event that rotw and hte don't drop anything!

    Edit: no xtals as well
  7. As a student, I've never had the bank account status to blow hundreds on an event or for growth. I can buy a seal or xtals here and there at most. At one point, thats what i did, i dont any more though. Im halfway to HLBC on this account and im at 6.5m cs. 150m cs seems much to big to reach. I just quit putting any money into the game because it feels so hopeless.
  8. Titan you are truly amazing. Keep being awesome!
  9. like they will do anything
  10. My issue would be the top heaviness of the player base, I have an idea that might not resolve the issue but help at least alleviate the issue. A weekly drop of a series of items (i.e. Thor's Hammer, Sword of Avalon etc.) dropped to top 1k players with a bonus that starts at 10%, it can only be taken through pvp by players with smaller cs and as it's taken the bonus rises incrementally until it is held by smallest members whereas by then the bonus has climbed to 300%. Once the item is held for one month by any one person it will then start degrading over the course of one week until it reaches 0% and at that point returns to the gods of KaW.
  11. Thank you, Titan, for undertaking a task that is, well, surely overwhelming. It speaks volumes of your care for this game and it's players, and it didn't go unappreciated, at least by me.

    Let's hope some of the proposed solutions are made reality. If so, we may just see a new golden age of KaW (those of us who remember an impossibly large player base, active, ad free wc, and a newsfeed full of PvP actions couldn't possibly desire anything more).
  12. Make it where you have tiered ally hiring. Where someone of higher cs cant start a volley of a new account until they reach a certain amount sort of like new hit ranges if imlplemented
  13. Flag this as spam? It's saying nothing in a thread that's supposed to mean something.
  14. 100% correct. Devs no.1 focus should be "how do we grow game population as a whole", not "what can we do to make spenders spend more". Their philosophy is all wrong, the more population you bring into the game, the more spenders you will bring in anyway. Even if out of 5k new players only 500 spend regularly, that's an extra 500 they have got spending. Broaden your focus to improving the community as a whole, right now there is no reason for a new player to stay on this app unless they willing to spend $100's a month to grow. Simple as that, no reason at all. HTE has been the biggest killer of this app, don't care what anyone says. It's not going anywhere as it brings in too much revenue, but has put a huge wedge now between the paying and non paying community. Game still made money and was profitable from max daily xtal sales for lb to stay ahead of rest, but now the divide with hte and Max xtals is too much between paying and non paying. Game has died a slow death ever since as a community, maybe not for profits but certainly community has diminished to a lot of payers and their alts, and some non payers that come here for friendship now and not much else... 0% chance to ever bc, 0% chance to ever win a promo, not seeing a lot to keep us non payers here anymore
  15. Support!!

    I decided to leave Kaw 2days after the new ug on tier7 was introduced.. and seeing players having stats touching the sky. We mid builds are on a verge of extinction.. mid n small sized players r not look upon by devs coz they only think about profits($), but what have they done to this game? Nothing more than ruined it..

    It not only made many players uninterested in this game further(preety clear by seeing many players leave this week), It also endangered the ee wars... Further when players r looking ahead to grow big , now what they will look towards?? Seeing the players infront are about 5x their suze?? It demotivates them, just like in my case..

    The Developer committee should have a better policy and methods to manage the game in a correct way instead of trying to bring in upgrades which r unwanted.

    Hope their eyes will open real soon..
    Thank you Kaw for being a part of my life untill I was here.. now moving to a so called "Real Life", hope devs will acknowledge all these..

    Happy Kawing everyone! <3 <3
  16. I want to thank everyone that has posted and contacted me. Those that care which are many, including myself that this is in any time of problem solving doesn't happen over night and that's reality.

    will be spending many hours and days, weeks if needed which I'm sure of, to do all that is possible to try to help remedy the concerns that your voices have given.

    I will be checking back here many times per day collecting your information. I may not post as I do but know I'm watching and doing what I can for you... "the community"
  17. If you could give us updates on how the devs are responding to these suggestions, and your efforts, that'd be wonderful. Many around here have stated, and even more agree, that it often feels like the "we'll keep an eye on this, and forward it along" is nothing but a token gesture.
  18. Galaxy,
    You're absolutely correct. I will keep you and the community updated. You won't see me asking for your voice then fall on silent notions. I will be keeping everyone updated so you know I am staying on this road not just for you, but with you.
  19. Ive been playing for 4 years now, on and off. At the start of playing, and even around 2012, having stats in the millions was something cool to have. Now look whats been done. Being HLBC is no longer even cared about, and I have no hopes to even try and finish Hoarfrost in what seems like a year. Now RedStar is going to empty his wallet and be 160m CS, and im barely at 10m CS after casual playing. If my life depended on LC, Id be screwed, royally and uterrly screwed.

    I just started playing again a couple weeks ago, and already my hopes are shattered. Why play if you can never even get half of your goal? HTE never made anythinf any better. From the start was a total money grab devs, and its COMPLETELY killed the economical balance. Most games have to little content, but your just killing the entire game.

    I havent seen a new player academy clan in weeks. Do you even have an advertising department? Doubt it. If so, its a bit sad.

    Dont get me wrong, ive seen tons of cool new things, such as events, and also events. Thats all. Whoops thats one thing.

    Seriously, who is in charge of Game Design in general? Theyve done a "killer" job! Havent been able to sell an ally in a week. Great.

    Also, why is androids display different than iphone? Iphone is way better.

    Why so silent in responding devs?

    Heres my summary:
    1. Draw back upgrades. No more land or buildings. Ever.
    2.KILL HTE ONCE AND FOR ALL. Im in one now, BUT ITS TIME. Or you could ignore my post and continue for another year and watch as no one plays because you screwed everything up. Your digging yourself a deeper hole, ATA. HTE promotes pay to win, and disrupts the balance of EB earnings completely.

    I hope ATA reads this. If they dont make changes soon, the game is dead. The end.
  20. Support this thread :D
    And, hi titan God :)

    I don't think stopping hte will be that good since it's still part of the series itself. But I think it's better if hte will only show up:
    once a week
    once a month
    Or twice a month.
    So as the rotwb...
    So that some spenders wouldn't only focus in hte's and may try out different ebs instead or osw's.....
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