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  1. You really do believe what devs are trying to sell, dont u ?
    They were forced to increase 50% plunder upto t8 ebs...
    Most were complaining abt taking out hte.
    Devs will never do that bcoz its 1 of their income source. Also lbs will be angry at them.
    Bcoz in hte lbs take most item and in normal haunt or any other item phase eb its FFA always.

    If they take out hte, i sugst devs to increase payout of every eb 3x times as of current now payout ebs.

    U may say infinite ideas, but devs will never do a single thing. Well good to know u r not giving up on kaw. I gave up long time back :)
    Better to stay in real rather than thinking they will do this, do that etc.
  2. They can't do many things in one poof.
    I would believe that there's no hope in this game if you yourself know how to make a game like this.

    And, I'll put some more benefits of ny idea before:
    ~ If devs would make the last idea that I said come true then most players would be satisfied.
    ~ If they are satisfied, the negativity of players would however reduce and they will have lesser chance of retiring and may advertise this game to others.

    ~ Lbs and other players who rely in htes would still be able to do htes everyday because of how many clan members there are in a B2B hte clan so lbs and other players wouldn't be affected that much if they share their seals. (but it base on how much the limitation would be but still not affect average sized hte clans).

    ~ This idea prevent ppl from buying more crystals than ever and use it to farm someone endlessly or use it too much in wars to ensure a fair game.

    ~ The effect of this idea (if implemented) wouldn't affect the salary of the workers of kaw IF the limitation isn't that narrowed but if it's narrowed (enough to continue htes by sharing) there wouldn't be too much inflamation and lesser inflamation the more the game would be worthy to use your money for extra things. Or players can advertise this game to their friends and let them play it and since a high percentage of the players would pay then a higher percentage of newbies would pay also.

    Note: This idea should be taken slowly to know if it's positive effects would work unless they can guess the negative and positive effects of it to their earnings. But the limitation should only be enough for them not to lower their salary and earnings but also enough to lessen the inflamation to get the players trust and be more patient of the awaiting changes that will fix the game. Also, edited once for continuing saying my ideas and edited again so as not to be mistakenly known as a "wall of text".

    Now, who thought that a little idea cannot affect but still maintain the original system of kaw?
  4. Just to kill the hte sharing idea.
    The larger builds already fly through hte. They want small clans, some will just have one or two people plus alts in the clan.
    The new tiers will kill hte if players get too big.
    The lb will just use hte to keep themselves I'm high profit. They certainly won't want to waste their real life money on hte if they have to share hte and diminish their profit further.

    Remember that they do far more damage now than when hte came out. It's already forcing the bigs to choose between aff and hte for profit per hour.

    Mids and smalls could use the idea but that's not where the huge spenders are.
    If anything expect a harder bigger version of hte to keep the lb happy and spending.
  5. I seriously don't get it, why on earth do you ppl keep posting ideas?
  6. There's already a gif up there
  7. That's why I said "Add LIMITATION" in buying items from the game so that the big spenders wouldn't spend that much everyday. If ppl who always do hte everyday reach the limitation, they can only jump from clan to clan. The limitation would be gone after 24 hours.
  8. Why should the Devs change anything or listen to anyone's ideas? They know the players are hopelessly addicted and won't stop playing regardless of how they manage the game. You can keep asking, but it's not going to happen. Not with everyone still forking over cash to them. And for what? What is the point of this game for the majority of KaW players out there (HTE eb fairies)? To keep growing your kingdom? For what? People here don't war, they slap skeleton's around all day... Ask yourself, "what is my end goal for playing KaW?" My guess is, no one knows... Yet they keep dumping money in an arms race for no reason whatsoever.
  9. I never ever pay anything and it's their fault if they spend their money in their wants than in their needs. I don't care how many players say that this wouldn't work. As long as I tried, I'm fine with it, than do nothing at all.

    I don't care about my end goal because what's important to me is my friends whom I help and helped me. Because the truth is... This game itself is boring, because it is meant to be a "social game" unlike other rpgs where you need to finish the storyline to actually finish the game. I'm gonna believe you all if you know how to make a game like this and make changes as fast as what you've wanted devs to do...

    Now if you keep complaining about kaw, then why don't you just leave? Don't tell me you yourself who said that "devs do nothing."
    "devs are lazy" "devs never listen" "devs is just extracting our pockets until there's nothing left" "every idea is useless because devs don't care" "devs made this game good for lbs"
    Still play the game and LET YOURSELF spend your money in a game which some believed "will be shut down"?

    Edit: Do you know if how many poor ppl are there in other countries while you use up your money in a game especially in a game which SOME believed are collecting your own money and get away with it and stuff? It would be fine for me if ppl keep spending in a game were they themselves will be happy and feel fine because it's worth it but... In a game where most of you said that "getting all of your money"?

    It's like you said you hate basketball but still play it. You don't like this game but you still play it. I don't know if you even notice it actually...
  10. The remove HTE idea isn't to remove it completely,but to put it back to its original purpose help in growing or fast gold for pot replacement from the wars.The complaint about HTE is its dominance of the events being run,HTE is a money EB and should be excluded from the events being run or limit the drops to 1 or 2 of each item.
  11. Commanders at War:

    - Round War format
    - WC submits to enter in a war n cast WOC
    - warriors cast WOC n a list of entrants is produced HI to LO including CS BFA BFE.
    - WC's go thru a 1hr draft period for selecting warriors.
    - unless unequal WC's enter there r no no matches.
    - eg roster can be 20-25
    - WC chooses his clans range in this way

    It can possibly be on weekends only when most ppl r available.
    Allow ALL ppl globally a time slot.

    Y'all take it from there
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