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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Titan_God, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1.  I was smaller Cs before I reset  will I wake up to a reinstated smaller account?

    What about reset lb? Will they be reinstated multiple times?
  2. Of course LB get whatever they want
  3. Ok not only did they restore emoferno account they gave him achievement bonuses he didn't earn like 50k steals and 550 attack percentage bonuses
  4. Lmao. The plot thickens.

    So, using recent precident, what you're saying is if we reset, the bonus is a restored account with full badges? Sweet. Can ATA confirm this?
  5. - Account recovery is not something we offer once an account resets
    - This was an exception to that rule because of the contribution this moderator has made
    - We will not be offering recoveries moving forward either
    - We’re also looking into making it harder to accidentally reset in the future.
  6. No support.
  7. Lmao and there you have it, folks. Least you admit for once the selective rule enforcement you all are widely known to use.

  8. Yes, that's what I said. We made an exception.
  9. Look out Devs. Fury's butthurt is legendary. 
  10. It's very very very (very) difficult to do, which is why we won't be doing it again.
  11. Because recovering data from a previous day when you should be keeping a daily back up that stretches a good chunk of time is hard work.
  12. Keep the excuses coming, and I'll continue keeping it real.
  13. You mad that we pointed out ATA bias for your emo boyfriend? BigslobJR will be embarrassed
  14. The account should earn a Phoenix achievement. Since it has literally risen from the ashes! :lol:

  15. So simple, why didn't I think of that?

  16. I have no horse in the race on either side, and I find the excuses of kaw admin lame. What good is TOU if it doesn't apply to all?
  17. :lol:

    This game is ruined already so at this point none of this really matters
  18. Omg yes mock paying customers with memes! Good call for future purchases. It's OK, I have my requests in.
  19. It is what you said. You selectively bent the rules for a player. Let's not act like it's the first time, either. Everyone knows there are two sets of rules in this game that lead to certain players getting away with things the average player would get banned for. The worst kept secret in kaw is how corrupt you guys are with rule enforcement regardless of how hard you guys try to cover it up with deleting of posts, threads and forum bans. Could give countless examples of known tou violations but we know what happens when anyone speaks out.

    Least you flat out admitted it this time. That's something, I guess.
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