Your Ultimate Holiday

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  1. Hi fellow forumers

    My name is dragonborn and im curious to hear everyones ultimate holiday. This is the Criteria for your holiday:

    1. You have 20 000 Dollars
    2. One single continent
    3. You have one month
    4. Your events(e.g Disneyland. Safari)
    5. Who would you take¿

    Okay go.
  2. Sending my family away and playing KaW for 2 weeks ... Don't judge we were all thinking it.
  3. Give them 10000 grand and spend your 10000 grand on nobs
  4. U got it
  5. I'd book a bed and breakfast down the road spend the rest on nobs and xtals.
  6. Buy 40 smartphones and create 40 kaw acc so i can farm everyone who mess with me
  7. I would go to America, visit all my friends, check out universities and opportunities + places I would possibly want to live.

    When im back I'll be working hard to reach the requirements for my chosen university & work towards the goal to be able to move to America.

    Pretty much a real plan tbh
  8. I would go to Antarctica and not play kaw for a whole month.. I'd save all that money and 15% on car insurance, because of geico..

    Thanks Geico
  9. Only prime...
  10. Technically you're taking a holiday into the world of Kingdoms at War :p
    Good choice!
  11. I'd camp outside ATA hq and buy my way into the servers, then give myself 1,000,000,000,000,000 nobs.
  12. Tahiti ...bora bora
  13. I'd buy a position in ATA and give myself unlimited nobs. Do trains with those nobs to BC and then save up as much gold as I want to be #1 in allies then keep doing trains till I can threaten to crash the ally market myself so everyone obeys me.

  14. Well this is the dumbest person on the planet
  15. Any where without the wife and kids that has a free bar and unlimited red meat bbq
  16. I would buy a few hundred seals and maybe a couple of lb accounts... Don't hurt me, grant. I want to be like TakuniTheCat okaaay
  17. I once was an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee #skyrim life
  18. Hey! You can't go past BBQ garlic prawns!

    I would go through Asia, try and learn bits of the language, the cuisine, see the temples and historical sites, the cultural festivals.