Your Legend awaits!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Caster, May 25, 2017.

  1. I mean, he's gotta show us who's boss right? :roll:
  2. well got 2.5k sbs now, so all good in terms of sbs..

    But pc versions should join as well..
    Very hard when pc versions cant take profit out of events
  3. Just as a matter of interest where are the osman crests,I've started the 25k tier and there's non in its rewards.Could it be explained as to how they become available.
  4. Will pc users receive the full rewards from the tier they reached and the previous tiers, after the 2 weeks of the event(legend)?
  5. I think they left them out of the rewards lol
  6. No support there was no real problem with the old one. Why not focus on asw
  7. No. They get nothing. Sick dev team
  8. Osman Rai tokens were only available in the P2P event :(
  9. Oh joy more lands. Can i just kill myself now
  10. Yes you may.
  11. When will we be able to convert building tokens for free? :(
  12. I find annoying that I have to open legends on my phone to get rewards like ears. If I hit some hte on my PC it doesn't count. Would be nice to fix that
  13. The whole update was to make sure that doesn't happen so it wont be getting changed anyime soon
  14. Um, Bruce said

    While you won't be able to collect Legends rewards if you ONLY play on PC, if you have access to a phone/iPad/iPod/etc then you should be alright. You will still be able to make progress on the PC after triggering a Legend on your device. You'll still have to wait to get home to collect your rewards, but that's still better than waiting the usual two weeks
  15. Bluestack is an Android emulator I'm not sure if the rules in kaw tou. I don't actually use it on my laptop as it slows down and I have devices for all accounts. But if it's legal in kaw then I'm sure you can collect legends that way.
  16. Ooooh new lands.
  17. Yes, but you have to accept/activate each legend on a mobile device before you can make progress on a PC. I think the original commenter is finding it specifically annoying for the extra little side quests like the fangs and ears.
  18. When is the update coming out(the new lands and stuff)
  19. I expect them to come with an update like that at the same time events usually start/end, so in about 11.5 hours from now.

    Remember, ATA headquarters are in Vancouver, pretty sure it's like 1 am over there atm lol
  20. Looks good just hurry up with those new lands srry i can't wait 