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  1. Concept is nice, like the format an hope this helps with clan loyalty. Gives it a bit of new edge.
  2. Hahahaha, it may not be a large number but excluding your PC players is ridiculous.
  3. OK mid May has come and gone with June only 5 days away,what's the word on the release of new lands.These legends,still haven't decided yet how they will pan out,but with no explanation on certain aspects you have improved clans cc discussing some of the issues ie the key of fate.
    But can someone from the ATA development department give a update on the release date of the new lands,a lot of us are trying to decide whether to keep saving the sb's or use them.
  4. Guess I should wait until June 1 when land prices go down (hopefully) to use the 494 circles KaW gave me during the Dwarf thing.

    Thanks ATA! Cheers for helping me get over 100mcs :) <3
  5. Damn.

    Is it truly that hard for people to read before they start whining and complaining about nothing?

    Go read the OP.
  6. I saw the May 31st,but that doesn't elaborate on them,is it new higher tier lands of just more plots being opened on LL or HL,with the way these Legends were pushed out anything is possible.With some having 20k or more sb's saving for additional LL is kind of pointless.
  7. How hard would it be to make this available on pc? Not hard at all. Yet you screw over pc players because your development team has proven to be complete dogsh again.

    I see people saying: "the pc players are the minority anyway, so only logical they focus on mobile users"

    So if black people are a minority in a certain country and they make something available for white people only, then it's ok too? K.

    Kaw is available on pc and it's unbelievable that u just exclude pc users.
  8. Still can't see how to participate in legends on my iPad guess I in same boat as pic users
  9. Make sure you have the latest update.
  10. They have already explained how it has more potential than that. Feel free to uninstall the game if you are going to complain so much
  11. Cheap pimd cross over?? Probably been said,
    Just a opinion before comment police jump on it
  12. No, where did they say that? from the way they've been talking the usual events are done with. What are these side events?
  13. If u don't loke complaints i'd suggest u stay off the forums n off of chat cos they're full of them. & i'll believe it has potential when i see that potential realised, i'm not so gullible as it appears u are.
  14. Your spelling and grammar gave me diseases I didn't know existed anymore.
  15. people are greedy as hell nowadays
  16. It's even funnier because he thinks that's the only reward you can get
  17. And the fact that you have to obtain each level items to obtain the rewards  once you have 500 you will work for 1000 lolz
  18. Soo basically…the middle guy first picture of OP is Jace? ;) If yall get that then you're awesome!

  19. Well obviously... Just wait, during his first legend he'll sculp some minds ;)
  20. Made my day!! :lol: