Your Legend awaits!

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  1. Oh my god what a bunch of moaning lillies

    This is one of the most exciting new content for KaW in a long time. And shows Ata has not given up on the game quite yet

    and all these tears because you cant click a legends button for your alts on a pc. You can still gain the event items. its just on a device you can activate and collect

    Most of you use a PC for alts banks or to gain an advantage. Stop damm crying and be grateful you still have a game!!
  2. Devs, wars aren't dropping event items, and rather the tomes.
  3. Devs will be driving Fords not Ferraris unless the pc interface gets fixed. Shame on their laziness
  4. Guys stopped complaining about pcs. You can now use them for what they were invented for searching the big wide Web to look at p0rn
  5. This has to be the ugliest UI/UX update I've ever seen on an app.
    The redesigned home screen for droid has blurred/pixilated icons and then a tiny name banner above that doesn't match the color theme of the icons below.

    I don't get it, how does something like this get passed? I see mates at uni design better interfaces.

    Anyone with a little UI/UX design experience would tell you this looks horrible after taking one look at it.
  6. @ata_Bruce

    You my friend are making our life difficult like hell.
  7. Lol
  8. The spy and attack bars are like hidden behind the strip where your profile is doesn't look right other than that looks OK.
  9. "new content"... so u're blind to the fact its just going to be a reskinned event that runs non-stop lol...nothing new but the button n dialogue.
  10. Where is the legend button on ipad
  11. Support, as said above..
    They just renamed events to legends with better goals.

    Now bigs can reach more higher tier rewards..
    So basically if you pay more, you will get reward more..
  12. I have a lot of accounts on PC. I'm just confused a little. I want to take part in events on these accounts. Is there a way I can log out of my account on iDevice and log into my PC accounts on my device by creating individual ATA ID for them? But I see the only way to log out is to delink and I got a warning saying you can only do this a few times.

    Someone please help or I will have to just have to grow my PC accounts very slowly and painfully like the good old days whilst everyone else grows rapidly 
  13. Hey i know, lets all lose our mind and rage post about a new feature that has been active for about 20 minutes!

    Hush now.

    Multiple, unique Legend paths sounds pretty cool to me. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
  14. why i cant collect my"legend rewards"??
  15. Repeat where is the legends button on iPad or are we consigned to the pic dustbin
  16. I think legends is a more of an organised way of presenting "events" so it's quite fun. However, I feel like they're should be different tiers and rewards for those who are build complete, not only do BC players get more event items easier but the rewards they gain aren't actually so large that they are viable. Maybe you could look into that. :)
  17. I'm willing to give this a shot, it seems interesting I just hope this isn't used in the wrong way
  18. you realise its not just the main event that legends will do? there will other individual side things too right?
  19. I'm stuck on scout captain gwen it stopped giving hints an a event count down appeared showing rewards an event leaderboard not aure what to do at this point
  20. Thank you Caster!