Your Legend awaits!

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  1. I'm an amazon kindle user and have not gotten the update yet for the legends button whadda I do >.<
  2. Hi Bruce,

    When will I be getting the legend's update?

    Also could you please make it so the events are on PC not bothered about legends I just want to be able to do the events on a PC. As it is now it just says top 100 50 10 in the event page. Can you please add all tiers thank you we don't need legends we just want the event thank you.
  4. A nice looking step in the right direction ?
  5. Thanks Satan!
  6. I thought it was gonna be some brand new exciting player quest system or something.

    Nope, re-skinned events.
  7. Exactly...more crud that will increase the gap...smh devs, smh.
  8. Yes more opportunities for free money! That never helps anyone! I'm sorry you have been oppressed in such a horrible way!
  9. Ignorant.
  10. So...PC ONLY users money doesn't support KAW like mobile users money does? Guess I wasted my money, no opportunity for growth sounds like.
  11. Hey!

    You're right, it does provide a lot of the same function as events. With the primary ability being to give rewards to players for activity and progress.

    But legends is much much more than that!

    What about a personal legend you started because you found an extremely rare drop? Different Legends being available if you succeed or fail the ones before it!? Secret rare legends that take you on long quests? Short timed ones that you can start whenever? And so much more!

    All while everyone else playing the game is taking part in some of the same, but possibly entirely different legends! We now have wayyyyy more power.

    I am the most excited about showing this to everyone and learning from all your ideas on how you would like to use this feature!

    I think it's going to be very exciting and I am looking forward to it!
  12. Rough estimate of how much lands will be?
  13. More garbage upgrades designed to kill off true PvP, the very thing that once made this game exciting.

    What has happened to the promises of improving PvP which were made after NA stripped all your moderators to bring attention to the issues?

    How about spending a few hours combating the hackers and botters that are ruining this game. Simple solutions like getting rid of the PC version, because it supports most of these issues; and contributes nothing. After all who can afford to play this "free" game, and not buy a $30 phone.

    As players we deserve better, and as customers we are entitled to it. From today I'll be spending my money elsewhere.

  14. Settings/apps/kaw/uninstall
  15. Legends=pimd=:(
  16. Can't read the text. Either needs stroke or a different color.
  17. In what way? Just because they add a little dialogue doesn't mean we have to rp xD
  18. Guess it doesn't matter. The app just crashes when selecting legends now. Lol
  19. Just another event dif format enjoy spendin ya cash nuggets