Your kaw memories

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  1. Maximum respect to you.
    Side note a kaw meetup in 2012 sounds like it would've been glorious
  2. I remember my first clan called Wolf Call. Good times man. Funny how time flies :)
  3. My best memory as a nooby WC and getting a win over the unbeatable sotra Falk was class
  4. Waiting to get matched up on the estoc trials (pre-season, s1), and participating as a worm
  5. This is an oldie. Do you remember being able to hit pure def tower builds for income. Builds were never dtw.
  6. I remember the "pen " is debacle and got my friend perm silenced i havent really spoken to her to this day but it was still funny 
  7. Also, monkeys flew out of my butt, and Hansel jumped over the moon.
  8. And laoda(spelling?) was in the military