Your First Clan

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  1. My first clan, hm :?

    I think it was called Wolves from the wizards blade
  2. Angel's Academy! Quite a swell place. Don't know if it's still around or not
  3. Started with SOS in 2012 , subclan of KOS. Still with the family today.
  4. My first clan.. Was the forsaken kinghts  the good old days ️
  5. Tyga and their clans.
  6. Sweet Dreams (2012 I believe)
  7. oh god.. when i was new i joined a clan, and the owner asked me if i wanted to do the Hunger Games with them. I was intrigued, so i said yes.. upon further investigation i discovered i was in a Hunger Games roleplay clan, and they carried out the peeta/katniss romance.. :cry:
    don't remember the name of the clan though
  8. War pigs was my first clan almost 3 yrs ago.
  9. Started in Red Paladins. Don't think it exists anymore.
  10. I started out in white army. Then there was some sort of kerfluffle and DAF started up zero gravity. Most of us went there before going our separate ways (this was way wayyyy before hte).
  11. My first clan was ZAFT :lol:

    JUST KIDDING :lol:
  12. Chaos. Back before clans were even thought of.
  13. Mordor was first clan back in 2009
  14. Forum clans for the win
  15. Dragons heart is lyfe
  16. Undead_warriors
  17. Lunar Blades Strike Force 
  18. I believe I started with TRK Warriors a subclan to The Rising Knights . They helped me learn how to do Ebs since I had first started in the age of pwars quit for a year and came back
  19. Raths frist clan, don't actually know this reset bomb just follows main like a sheep.

    Woifie on the other hand first clan was
    night of the living monsters