Your First Clan

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  1. I started in Devils Academy clan. Its one of the best starter clans (if not the best), good ebs, great people (can help if anyone have questions), many great players are there and the most important they are ONE BIG FAMILY. I was happy that i was in so great clan. Thank You Devils Academy :)
  2. Kingdoms of Asharat
  3. Killer boys in deep sub clan run by theothermike and his bees. Wonder if he still plays.
  4. immortal knights ftw and immortal knights elite.
    ftw was the most active,fun clan i have experienced in this game.
  5. you are a rude jerk to ask about overweight people in the game !!!
    what is the matter with you ????????
  6. My first was a clan called Lion Heart back before eb's when system wars ruled. I soon found myself at Future Legends of the Urban Legends family thanks to my old friend Linky.
  7. First clan I owned was EoE

    Really enjoyed that 
  8. The KAA lowest subclan at the time...
  9. My first clan was grim reapers gate. First osw clan was ADHD.
  10. I remember KDM my first clan was kingdom Knights and I still carry the tag 
  11. First clan....started about 2 years ago with tge
  12. Angels of kaw, they were great when I was there, I didn't leave till I was 5mil cs lol
  13. Can't remember
  14. Murder Inc. & Cheeda Boys back in the dayssssss
  15. MoJo. One of the greatest clans ever made.
  16. Started with 12 Mongrel Dogs. Then i was introduced by a friend to Inevitable Aftermath. I loved that clan and doing the old war system was great.
  17. First clan was the a team and everyone was admin they all went inactive moved around awhile till I found dog soldiers Which became my fave clan then merged with the union were I felt I belonged and merged with nemesis to become Uranus and still is my favourite family even tho there all in different clans now️️