Your bets here __PERSEPOLIS__ vs. Zerg

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  1. 1tril is nothing to zerg, they make that much gold in a day
  2. Its fine they are perma farm now and their mouth cost them way over 1T now 
  3. [​IMG]

    Mourga always claimed that persepolis has requested a cf this ss shows one of the instances at which mourga offered a cf but persepolis didnt accept. More ss are available which will be posted to show the real face of mourga the noob
  4. Better quality of the first link didnt work

  5. showing that mourga appologized for musa hitting persepolis but she never let musa appologize himself

  6. Ss shows that mourga swears that MUSA hit persepolis 3 times. In fact, the reason for this war is Mourga claims that pers was hit 3 times but pers disagrees and believed ir was 5 hits and their clan had to deal with it. In this ss mourga swears that number of hits were 3, WHERE in this thread MUSA HIMSELF admits that he hit persepolis 5 times. Another proof that mourga is a lier. She lies for EVERYTHING.

  7. Ss of MUSA comment admiting that it was 5 hits not 3 hits.


    So the guy himself says it was 5 hits but mourga still swears that it was 3 hits. If she didnt know she could ask musa abt the number of hits before she swears. But it is obvious that this talk happend at least a few weeks after the war and she had asked all the details of the issue from Musa but she just wanted to try Persepolis and prove herself to be lier. So thats what she gets, her clan is being destroyed, her number one (borgcube) dropped the rank and like an idiot he converted his att build to hansel. So far her clan lost at least 10T on stripps, build conversions, dropping allies, pot burnings, farmings etc. thats what a lier nooblet like mourga gets in this game
  8. Wow, your really butt hurt aren't you....
  9. Lmao yeah leading the war by almost 380B and theyvnt got a piece of  off me yeah im butthurt 
  10. No all that shows is RA is a nice person, you my friend have way to much time on your hands.