You should all be disgusted

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  1. He didn't mention anything about a lost account. He clearly stated that he hasn't been playing long and all he said was that he enjoys pvp and would like to see more.
  2. ah lol misread
  3. Ebs are only modern versions of pwars tbh.

    And the 'old school KaW' everyone keeps talking up would never have been sustainable in the long run...hence, hello ebs.
  4. No Swift, you were right. It's obvious he's saying he has a lost old account. Look at his 120 days active badge *moonface*
  5. no i read the first sentence as "i have been playing since the ruthless pvp days"
  6. didnt the steal mechanics change so the only way to make good steal money is at the point you almist fail?

    takes 1 hte to get back to max ally plunder

    No more reset bombs

    All things that make pvp a waste of time.

    Even if you dont want to participate, you can pin on an eb and bank, just slows growth marginally.

    Seems Devs doing all they can to kill pvp
  7. You cannot blame players for wanting and needing to grow.
    Yes every aspect of the game has changed.
    The risk of pvp is you get left behind massively these days.
    Even skinny has admitted as much in a different thread.

    Pvp is for disputes.
    Players generally like working together and helping others these days.
    There is less spite in the game than there used to be. So yes again the pvp reflects the change in attitudes.

    Players used to force players to quit the game.
    That's the least healthy aspect of the game. The developers responded by incentivising pve and system wars.

    Again blame players for forcing Devs to take that route.
    The Devs need a healthy game environment to encourage new players.
    The old ways drove off so many.
    Yes pvp can be huge fun. And it is less frequently utilised now.

    But if that keeps some playing then good.
    Though I personally feel there is far too much pressure on growth rather than build completing Earlier and subsequently being then encouraged to use your kingdom in a way that befits the purpose of building a war Kingdom.

    A balance needs to come through sooner than later. Or everyone will get bored and quit. No one wants to grow forever.
    But they do currently need to build complete or be obliterated in any pvp where larger kingdoms have very little to lose in comparison.

    Suggestions on how to find that balance would be more useful than insulting the players that currently have little choice in chasing growth.
  8. Tell that to ATA's revenue. They recently announced that they're making more than they ever have.
  9. Because osw is endless.

    24 xstalls on a x2 HTE you can osw for a year.
  10. Its your game do what you want with it 
  11. Lol im not that new it says I got that achievement "long ago"
  12. PvP and osw isn't something the devs made hell the only reason they made a pvp battlelist system is probably due to the hordes of complaints on forums saying devs don't care about pvp enough. Osw's pvp is something the playerbase made and even now most of the people around in that era if still playing are probably working adults now, they don't have time to sit around pinning people. Conversely strips mean little now but people wanted more expansion. It's pretty ridiculous how it's gone from the devs do not listen enough to insinuating the devs listen too much.
  13. lmao fire
  14. Correct.
  15. You can't agree with a statement Ash that you was a big part of for over a year.if you thought parasfans statement was correct all a long right from the start of the osw .You should have the courage to stand up and say it right from the start and left Apoc many months before it took you to leave. You should have left on your own will and not needed others to leave with you. What I think has killed the game. Is not the ebs or the events. But people over analizing everything, people scrutinizing every little aspect of the game . it used to be so fun just to live in the heat of the moment and have to react spur of that moment.With no pre planning .Now every thing is rules rules rules it gets suffercating .My most fun times were when everything went upside down and thrown into chaos and you have to think fast. I'm meaning from when un known to me I went from just asking for some help in a eb for my old clan.that's when I met dante metal storm and next minite he was attacking me . unknown to me he was testing me out .Then next minite he said come with him and he then had recruited me for A.D.H.D clan and that night was my first osw with them .When you are thrown into the deep end and have to use your own initiative. that's what is the most fun .Living on the kaw edge. The more everybody scrutinises every thing the devs do with the game .To me its all wasted energy.Just take the rough with the smooth .
  16. Apoc was not always what it is today, lol. It definitely wasn't the bully alliance of the game at the start of the osw, well not to this extent anyway. I did leave because I, LadyAsh wanted to.  Whether people followed me or not did not impact my decision at all. You clearly haven't learned your LadyAsh history properly 
    Me agreeing with Parf is also not related to this current osw, it's just a general fact. Gawd.
  17. It was always a bully alliance. I was in kotfe assassins for a month I did 1 osw with them .I was threatened by yarmes I have 3 days to drop my tags or he will farm me.This was in 2013 when my account was smallish .Me and skinnyminny were in c.a of true spartans. Skinnyminny stuck up for me against them .
  18. Every large family or alliance bullies one way or another, but none of them are anywhere close to being the equivalent of what apoc is now. As their egos grew the amount of bullying they did increased.
  19. I know plenty about you ash you were in dirtyminds clan .You were insulting Zaft and Fury for over a year .And now when everything's back fired on you now your kissing their butts.