you dumb devs

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -name, Aug 6, 2016.

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  1. u dumb devs need to stop focusing of ebs and start fixing indis
    u dumb devs need to get rid of these mole accounts
    you can ask many pro warrers from the smalls bracket what they do is not fare and we can discuss that below.
    you dumb devs need to refund all xtals for the winning team and top 5 losers.
    you dumb devs need to update tou
    you dumb devs need to listen to forums
    you dumb devs need to stop staying quiet and acting like a bunch of goods and we are you dolls.
    you dumb devs need to stop using mods as ur vessels to talk to us "HUMANS"
    you dumb devs need to fix the broken down parts of kaw which is mainly pvp osw and ee war.

  2. Supporr
  3. I think multiple accounts on 1 ip is definatly wrong it has ruind indi wars and if some filter system came into play where only 1 acc can play on 1 ip at 1 time needs to be inforced
  4. yes me him and a bunch of other people were the victims of teddyboys multiple war smalls
  5. great warrers and one who is probably very known for staying up all war and being fast with repins honeybooboochild was forced to sko after 5 mins of war because teddyboy had 4 accounts on the other side and they all hit honeybooboo at the same time... im not accusing teddyboy of botting but this shouldnt be fare.
  6. Yeah... Let's ban families from being able to play kaw at home..

    (FYI, your IP address is the address of your router, NOT individual device)
  7. there are 7 of these war smalls.HOW IT WORKS

    these accounts all indi at the same time most of the time 4 accounts are on one side and 3 on the other how ever the match up is the sidebwith more accounts on always wins because the 4 accounts on one side all hit the top war ranks getting them into repin which means they will be force to sko or get koed which means their plunder will inevitably go down then he goes active on his accounts on the losing side and plunders and koes making his accounts on the losing side top 5 meaning they still get items. this means no matter hwat teddyboy never loses and he decides who wins. the side with less alts is also at a disadvantage because the other team has inactive alts where one side has steroid alts. bfe needs to be counted into match ups.
  8. I have heard them says that they are all the same person before
  9. #youdumbdevs
  10. just messing about but they really did ruin some wars for me also
  11. support
  12. This.... this is probably the saddest thing I've seen in KaW, well for this year anyways.
  13. You dumb op need to post with your main
  14. You dumb devs, you dumb devs.
    The dumb devs could figure out your main account and either delete it or just wipe it and leave it with 666 gold.
    Not that I disagree, changes are needed. Insults aren't helping though.

  16. So anyone who has family that play kaw, or friends that play kaw whilst at their friends house, need to be punished?

    What about wifi hot spots? Same router.. Same IP, 30 possible people?

    Don't be an ass.
  17. Locking for botting accusations. (Hashtags count).
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