YAFI's Christmas Present to Kaw -- Freeing the Allies Market

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *_AppleSeeDs_ (01), Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Top post Guys big up to you. Pisses me off no end. 
  2. This gonna be so much fun!! Everyone will get the enjoy this event,
  3. I totally support this. Good luck and thank you for helping the ally market move. Too many are held hostage! FREE THE ALLY MARKET
  4. No preferential treatment for family and friends?! Wow. Idk much about YAFI, but really respect ur sense of justice. Don't really know what else to say. This is prob the most rational thread in actives. Good luck YAFI, all the best.
  5. So wait you're declaring war on zaft?
  6. Great stuff full support
  7. Good luck YAFI and have fun lol
  8. Haha this is great! Have fun
  9. Yafi that's means you will be stripping and farming silph then?
  10.  love it
  11. I love it!!!!
  12. Support - fc was flawed from the start and a poor re working of kaw, however it was a fun side game too the main event. The recent big osw there has killed the allies market with the no hires I'm in osw and no hires from them your funding strips bs. As a result of that the players and devs have abandoned the game too the point it's dead. These games revolve around the allies market, a free market is the life blood of these sort of games. When this dies the game follows. Don't believe it? Go look at other similar games and see
  13. Love it!

    Oh and err... Buy my allies?
  14. [color=#0077FFF]nice[/color]
  15. I must admit Yafi seems like a great group pretty legit post  respect brb gonna change my banner 
  16. I don't look at that I just hire , like it's a game I can buy who
    I want
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  18.  Very Nice Idea 
     To Shake this Game

     All Support 
  19. I couldn't care less who hires my allies (I never have any worth hiring anyway ) But I fail to see why you are trying to control and IMO, suck all the fun out of the game. I personally love hiring from people with "do not hire" banners, then watching the aftermath of rage. You'll be trying to ban wall noob rage next
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.