yafi Zaft allaince cf

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by verong2, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. You have 24 hours to repent of your sins against verong3, or I will pin your clans.
  2. So is this post saying that the clan Atoms is joining the war? This will be interesting.
  3. This is pretty much just saying that OP is a moron.

    But we already knew that from his forum posts.
  4. i don't even know why people post stupid things like this in forums....post it on an inactive wall or something.
  5. Is this like the omets joining the war for zaft?
  6. Op, this is an insult to anyone who osw's or pvp's.

    Poor taste indeed.
  7. No atoms is not involved. If no cf by this time monday. I will leave clan.then fight ZAFT yafi allaince
  8. Then the least you could do is learn English before attacking an ALLIANCE.
  9. Very poor low effort thread.. but i'm somewhat curious as to watching the outcome of this one, so i'm gonna let it run for now...
  10. Thank you, I am having a little bit of fun.
  11. OP vs. YAFI/ZAFT

  12. I am not a coward, so when threatening comes from a member of a clan, and then other members of that clan attacked it became a war. End statement
  13. I never called you a coward. -_-
  14. You forgot,


  15. attacking sounds easier than learning a language. you don't need a brain to attack, you just do it :p
  16. If you are owner you better divest your ownership of ZAFT Yafi holdings, since any such holdings are giving aide and comfort to my enemies, and I will strip you from them!
  17. He is right veroung n1cur
  18. That is the correct word for your statement
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.