Yafi, the great Pretenders, a tribute song from KiP & allies

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  1. She's really thick not shy saying all YAFI woman are beautiful? All creatures are beautiful including whales. Even old fart cansem I wouldn't call her beautiful. As this thread title says YAFI are pretenders and Bella you can pretend tick have thick bones also
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    Almost 4 years We have the longest OSW in KAW history. YAFI still dreams of winning against our EB fairy clan
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    Didn't I tell that old crabby fart Mustang that women / girls don't fart !

    Stop making things up ☹️
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    With that statement then all YAFAILS are girls. I thought GoA is a man. Now I understand why he/she full of hot air 
  5. Important notice to KiP & Friends

    Only 1 day left of event

    Current event is soon over, then maybe even Ya_Rise of Honour_Fi (Yafi RoH) will be folding up their fairy wings.

    KiP hope Yafi RoH will give us some serious incoming, at least after end of this event until the next event starts.

    KiP & Friends: Enjoy the OSW action after event ends intensely because it will be probably be very short (24 hours normally between events = 24 hours that Yafi RoH focus on OSW)


  6. Hahahahaha well it's true 
  7. Hehe. Nice one bro.

    And Cheers from sunny Lanzarote-Island 
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    Mmmmmmm Maggie I see you still butt hurt you woke up naked again this morning ...
  9. Hmmm GoA I See You Still ButtHurt Eman Stripped ya numerous times a day on a daily base and still hiding your mp allies?

    Why dont ya hit me bruh, why you cry so much son? Least Magnus takes it bounces back n knocks ya lights out.

    What do you do?

    Cower in fear? Hide your under 4t allies? Pray Eman Forgets About you?

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    ????more butt hurt I just love it .... Eman I think you live in fantasy land 
  11. We all know who the ones that live in fantasy land. Multiple clans can back that up. Haha. Quit lying yafi. Yall lost when u started it.
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    Now I remember why I don't read cry baby forum thread's...not sure who y'all trying to impress like no one believes crying about how bad you are ..just 1 more thing to say an I'm done #GOAmakesEmancryalot it just makes me shake my head can only take so much crying in one day ......
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    For a guy does not hit back and wall cry a lot. How can you make someone cry if you don't hit back? After all appleseeds army was gone. Barely get incs from YAFI except 1 to 2 small accounts 
    NO CF FOR YOU!!! 
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    Goa, this is an easier explanation just for you.

    Only yafi's are talking about crybabies and crying. You should ask yafi's about why you cry so much.

    KiP is an eb clan. We're not saying we are OSW bad asses. See clan page you ask for it or yafi banners about who talks big about themselves.

    This thread was made because KiP got so little inc from yafi's. We don't claim we get zero inc. Some yafi's actually hit back.

    KiP especially get little inc from ya_Rise of honour_fi (RoH) during events. I understand growing is important. But almost only inc in the short period between events and during a strip is almost sad.

    Hopefully, also Goa understands now.

  15. I got 1 oswall inc from GOA :)
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    Maggie so much anger ..but I do realize you thinking of benhorroz_in_pyjamas ..while ya type this not my problem he runs around being a EB fairy as you and your clan mates wake up striped once again ..don't worry learn to sleep with one eye open lmao....
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    GoA with all that spy power you stole on me once even I'm open for stealI attack pin you all the time. With all YAFI pretenders can't even attemp strip NA Strip me bro or my other accounts 
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    Goa, I am so sorry you still don't understand the thread or what I have tried to explain to you. Hopefully, this will help you:

    1. Anger?

    You claim to find "anger" from KiP in this thread. I am actually feeling sorry for yafi's, the once great OSW family, now not able to get cf from KiP the eb clan and not even giving us the same amount of inc that KiP gives yafi.

    The feeling I have is pity for the selfclaimed #1 OSW family in KaW history.

    2. Problem with Ben?

    You seem disillusioned about Ben. Ben has been a focus target for yafi's the last 1,5 years. Yafi's strip Ben, Yafi's try to get Ben kicked from other clans while he collect event drop to get even stronger equip to steal top yafi's with only succesful steals, yafi's pin Ben and yafi's wall KiP members that we should worry about Ben. Guess what - we are proud to have Ben as core KiP member - he does both event and OSW with great success despite Yafi's attempt to get Ben out of KiP or fail his event goals. However, I understand why even top yafi's with lots of sdt worry about getting steals from Ben.

    And why do yafi's care about one KiP that does ee wars and event eb's some hours outside home clan? Yafi's got lots of yafi's in other clans all the time. My worry is only they will leave Yafi and let us get even less inc. Rdbarley shows only up in our news feed once a month now to do skim atk - hope he is ok. Daman is hardly never in our nf and seldom back in yafi - has he become a Zoma hunter? I could continue if I had cared.

    3. Worry about strip?

    You also think I worry about strip during night? I expect and actually hope yafi strip me - then I got lots of gold out to strip yafi's when I wake up, and strip each other during OSW is always fun even if we recover the lost gold fast on eb's or hitting each other.

    If you still don't get it, I feel sorry for you, Goa. I think I cannot explain this any easier. Maybe you like pictures better:

  19. Greatest Yafi Pretenders - February 2017 awards

    OSW is great fun, and most thx to your opponent doing some unexpected stupid actions.

    This time KiP had a hard time making our list of Yafi's greatest pretenders of February 2017 - we had too much material to work with - but our top 5 made us laugh the most. We needed February to discuss the top 5 yafi's that make this OSW most fun for KiP, and all yafi's actions last 12 months were considered.

    The top 5 even beat Rdbarley hiring all mp allies from KiP's member within a few minutes = the result was almost no inc steal leaving us with all or almost all allie hire gold left. Hopefully, RdBarley has learned to do one or max two strip targets at the same time since he left yafi's clans late in 2016.

    After careful consideration of all contestants, KiP is proud to announce the greatest Yafi Pretenders of February 2017:

    Yafi Pretender # 5

    Cambji actually is osw active. 5th position goes to Cambji for his great butthurtedness:

    Hit Cambji during his precious eb to get immediately fail inc from his alt jerksslapper.

    Watch Cambji drink xtal as beer if he is in ca for a short while. It is still a mystery why such an experienced OSW warrior dislikes inc so much. Maybe Cambji needs a vacation on a warm island or time alone on a mountain top to learn how to breathe in and out slowly?

    He is focused on his own wall and banner, almost as scary as his spy actions. Loves to use non-intelligent words as "cry", "baby" and "brownnose" on his own wall and banner making all feel he is a little baby that needs comfort or just help from a grown-up.

    Since Cambji still finds the attack action button on large KiP members, only 5th place for Cambji as Great Yafi Pretender of February 2017.

    Yafi Pretender # 4

    4th position is awarded to Kinky!

    Kinky changes name every time Kinky showers, important for Kinky that both name and shower is somehow "kinky" making it easy for us to know how to find her/him after each namechange. Some examples are:
    -_-La_Luna_lei_cassiatore-_- (kinky name 2 March 2017) ya_k1nky_the_soul_warr1or_fi (kinky name end of February 2017)
    Ya_k1nky_th3_s3xy_str1pper_fi (few weeks ago - oh yes)
    Ya-_-Blurry-_-Kinky-_-Fi (a few weeks more ago)
    Ya-_-G3n3ral-_-K1nky-_-Fi (a few months ago).
    Kinky may forget to act kinky, one example was the name Ya-_-Amsterdamned-_-Fi (probably an error).

    Kinky's main OSW action is WC action, usually bragging of something that happened only in Kinky's imagination.

    Since also some real OSW action have been observed during 2016, Kinky missed the top 3 Greatest Yafi Pretenders this time.

    And now the top 3 Greatest Yafi Pretenders of February 2017, the top "osw warriors" that everybody is waiting for:

    Yafi Pretender # 3

    Third place is for Daman!

    A name change in 2016 to SexyDaman gave us a laugh and lots of extra pretending points.

    Daman is almost inactive in hitting KiP, most inc we receive is "wall inc", and he is so good at it that he almost made first place.

    Daman has through whole OSW vs KiP received great pretending points for his prowess in wc between ewars. He proves in wc he has a great imagination actually still pretending to be an osw warrior. Congratulations!

    Yafi Pretender # 2

    Second place is awarded to _Balle_ for his pretending to be an OSW warrior on the outside:

    No inc reported from Balle for several weeks (probably months) during last year gave him lots of pretending points.

    Balle is more active in forum and wc than actually hitting KiP.

    Balle pretends he cares about other yafi members. His main focus is actually himself = a great pretender overall, maybe even so great that he has fooled yafi's he still is OSW active.

    Yafi Pretender # 1!

    And now the number 1 position as Yafi Greatest Pretenders of February 2017 - the "winner" is of course Fidel-castro!

    Fidel-castro gets top score for his wonderful wallior work during last year. He provided wall link to enemies pretending he was osw active giving us a quicklink to farm him = thanks!

    Favourite OSW action was a few scouts, also on attack builds = thanks again!

    Top pretender award so far this year was achieved mainly because of his ending as yafi osw warrior - he started first late in 2016 to be real osw active - then in early February 2017 fidel-castro asked KiP for cf, he was leaving osw & yafi. But if you follow his wall link on my wall, you'll find him back again at yafi with a new name! The return as "Mao_Zedong" is hilarious and made him win the competetion as greatest yafi pretender so far this year!

    Thx to all active yafi's that made the last OSW year so much great fun for KiP!

    We're looking forward to what yafi will do next ;-)
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    Yikes. Lots of drama.