Yafi, the great Pretenders, a tribute song from KiP & allies

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  1. Here is our song, which was written shortly after yet another naked Yafi posted a smiley on his wall several hours after the majority of his gold was stolen by KiP and our allies.

    Oh Yafi, you're the great pretenders (ooh ooh).

    Pretending you are doing well (ooh ooh).

    Your need is such, you pretend too much.
    You're washed up, but no one shall tell.

    Oh Yafi, you're the great pretenders!

    Eb fairies, hiding under osw spell.
    You play the game but not very well.
    You're out of it, just own up to it!

    Too real is this feeling of make believe,
    Too real when you know your fairy wings show.

    Ooh ooh yes, Yafi the great pretenders (ooh ooh).

    Just walling and blabbing aloud (ooh ooh).

    You seem to be what you're not you see,
    Just laughing and wearing your past like a crown.

    You seem to be what you're not you see,
    Wearing your past like a crown,
    Pretending you're still around.

    Hope you'll stop pretending and start to fight ;)

    KiP it real!

    Sincerely yours,
    Knights in Pyjamas
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    Don't make them mad they might find the scout button againThey even ask friends to pretend as NA on Old Fart Cansem wall for CF request. They going down the drain like craps
  3. We hope they wake up and use more than their Scout action :)
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    Ooh ooh
  5. Hehe well to be honest los did a better job to fight up then whole yafail do now 
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    Cheers 
  7. Well I few scouts on me now, well I though you guys should try to atk or even steal me  well better luck boys, girls and maybe something else ;) I will soon sleep so you knows ;*
  8. Pretending Yafi doing well (ooh ooh) Yafi need is such (scouts) its too much (ooh ooh)
  9. Perhaps they converted to a pure EB clan without telling anyone. :)
  10. So many KaW musicians nowadays.

    Maybe busk somewhere that wants to hear this "cover".
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    Serving yafi burgers daily with a lovely little song. Great job.
  12. Oh how i love it.
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    YAFI = You Ask For Idiots
    Recruiting idiots only.
    We win war by pretending to have NA requesting CF on old fart lady cansem wall
    Old Fart Lady Cansem. That war tactics so 2010 lol
  14. I know the thread is designed for trash talk, but your clan is the one doing B2B ZTA. Doing pay to win epic battles while talking trash about epic battles is pretty hypocritical. Not to mention Yafi hasn't had an EB for the last 50 mins ?
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    Yes, we are having a ZTA spree here. And no you arent invited  KiP is an eb clan for info and we have been fighting Yafi for 15 months. They are (supposed to be) osw pros, not us, but we enjoy this osw. Skål! 
  16. @Rocker
    Yes, we did some ZTA now. Nice to have eb going on for attac & items to keep your clan growing while you assa or steal the enemy. Hope devs will give us more time between events for some real KaW action. So far no more OSW action from yafi's, but we hope they will try to give KiP the eb clan some action soon ;-)
  17. Maybe I'd agree with you guys if it was just KiP vs Yafi. But it's more like Zaft Carnage, two Yafi clans, Osiris(maybe?) DKOD(Maybe) and Resilience (That I know of, correct me if theres more). Vs KiP and a whole lot more clans that reside in Apoc. The size difference (lol) is a pretty substantial one.

    The size difference matters because a large portion of yafi are hansel(Probably?) if a hansel is spy p can they do anything lol? It's not like a hansel can win against an attack build when the hansel has like 200,000 attack cs.

    In retrospect I don't know Yafi, and I don't know what they're really doing. But you can't ignore the 2:1 ratio when questioning why they're not hitting specifically you back.

    No, I'm not a statless alt. I'm trying to grow.
  18. YAFI started war with NA so they can recruit. When NA strips all mods. YAFI saw and opportunity to recruit. They say NA are bad so we fight them so they can recruit. They toke LOS families against NA. After over a year war YAFI lost 3/4 of LOS family. They left because they didn't like YAFI afterward. Few months after YAFI leaders mysteriously went inactive including their spokesman -Appleseeds- they lost over 137 accounts. During their adoption of LOS family they decided to attack KIP because they thought we have accounts in KIP. Then KIP and LOS have a CF. We continue our war with YAFI. Then YAFI start hitting again KIP to flexed their muscle to pretend they still have the power. They never learn the first time KIP smashed them bad. YAFI slowly going inactive. Leaders decided to find new enemies so can recruit again. They pick on KOTFE. Telling everyone KOTFE are evil we must must fight them we are the good guys of KAWLR idiots fall for YAFI tricks lol. KAW is always fun because this kind of players. They never fight only recruits. They are like vultures in a war game I always get a good laugh with YAFI war tactics. I'm laughing so hard right now