Yafi death is not the end

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  1. Again, you conveniently ignored the fact that a few players have proven his build.

    Why do you need to lie and lie again Musang? When you keep talking how it did not work with Rocketman's build, we knew instantly you didn't know anything about kaw tower mechanics at that time.

    I have shown you the forum proof. Now it is up to the great Musang to show the proof. If you want to put Cambji down, you have to show good proof. Especially so when you are a well known liar.

    But hey! You have always lied and shown no proof anyway.
  2. Yes the one tried to prove it are yafi. Yes you trying to make me trust YAFAILS. We both know YAFAILS the worst player in KAW. I know they have good trustworthy players. I meet many of them but that time we have common enemies. One thing for sure I will never trust what Camji saying. He is an idiot I knew that. You can’t have the dtw glitch on tower and disappeared over night. That’s not how war mechanics work. I think you kiss Camji ass too often you can’t think logically. He was lying when devs fixed the tower glitch during EE. That’s why he never talk about until then Those two are two different thing. Tower build by TAKA dtw glitch is way different than Camji dtw.
  3. All your own words Musang. They mean nothing.
    Still waiting for proof of your claim.

    How do you feel being caught and busted for lying yet again?
  4. I have nothing to lie. I’m just trying to explain to you that Camji is lying to you not me
  5. I have nothing to lie. I’m just trying to explain to entire kaw that Musang is lying to entire kaw not me
  6. Good morning YAFAILS. You failed again 
  7. ironic that yafi osw-ed for 5 years just to lose. You asked for it YAFI ;)
  8. The banter on here is entertaining and I'm a neutral
  9. Yafi dead bro
  10. Amazing how theses stat less dead alts come on forums an talk crap  guess they scared a dead clan will come get them 
  11. I highly doubt you can scare anyone when you CF real quick to Apoc. You beg Apoc on your knees. You can’t even hit back when I’m farming your ass and hid in eb for 8 hours 
  12. Posang, after ya stripping your allies an ya gold stolen ya tears seem flow an you seem to run to fourms as a last hope to tell more lies ,about me an yafi as you sit in fear of yafi hiding your main from a dead clan  the one that you claim has a SS of me begging apoc for a CF that never happened an never will YAFI don’t ask for CF ever ....we are a clan that has been here for years others have come an gone An we are going no where .... So post the ss Poostain you know the one ya keep lying about ...Or it never happened  ...And Poostain when ya beg me for a CF remember to call me Daddy 
  13. You are high like kite again I have SS while you guys hiring allies. I woke up when my phone vibrating a lot. It wasn’t because of your failed strip. It was because of players applying. I saw you guys hiring when one of you already ass pinned meGreat coordination nubs
  14. Ya ya ya same ole butt hurt story ..... I’m looking for you to get on your knees an beg me for a CF soon I probably won’t give ya one but you can try 
  15. I don’t even get it how you won against AAH and Osiris when you are bunch of idiots. How can you strip me when few of you are pinning me. I never seen you on my newsfeed. I’m a clown player but you guys are bunch of idiots. At least tell the others you are planning to strip me so they wouldn’t pinned while I’m sleeping. If you are planning to give me gold. You could ask nicely and I volley gold to me. I may consider taking your gold even they probably come from ill gotten 
  16. If yafi isn't dead then how come it doesn't do ebs
  17. We do, our eb is “New Age Losers” we just take a pick of their cr, unload and grow no problem
  18. This got to be the dumbest statement I read so far on here. You can’t have that stats hitting pvp. I told you many times YAFAILS are true KAW liars. I bet most AAH and Osiris are YAFAILS alts. They made their alts CF to them 
  19. Poostain your suffering from YAFI derangement syndrome..... I put a alt in new age yesterday an watched you carry a conversation with your alts which proves to me you 2 cans short a six pack .. All your gum flapping an conspiracy theories making sense now ....guess it’s the effects of yafi farming ya sleep loss ,hearing voices, I bet you even believe apple is in ya closest  bet I’m in ya nitemares  you should probably go see a therapist 
  20. I highly doubt a therapist can be any help in this case!