Yafi death is not the end

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Weedie, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Oh pleeeeeease i farmt those clowns a few years ago.
  2. Guess what new age I have this special marble on sale today only,if you put it up ya butt run around in a Circle hoping one one leg then do 2 back flips An drinks lots koolaid....it will make ya Allies disappear an yafi can’t find them ...And here the really good news new age can own this marble for only 3k then YAFI can’t steal new age gold make sure an let twicc know : )only cash accepted we will have to meet in a empty parking lot for the exchange hit me up 
  3. Prety sure ur the valet at that parkin lot. The only money ull see is fitty cens if u take care of ma ride
  4. I don’t think they will let ya park a bicycle in there parking lot 
  5. So you ARE a broke as valet! ROFL 
  6. After reviewing this thread, please be careful not to accuse anyone of spending money or sending money to other kawers which is not allowed on our public forums.
  7. Posang
    You keep repeating this really big lie that I beg apoc for a CF
    Pfffffff...... If this is true post the SS for all of kaw to see
    I’d really like to see theses Bahahahahaha ....an you are correct on one thing in your post ...we never beg for a CF
    So show the SS on here or just shut your gum flapping pie hole it’s giving me a headache 
    You just keep trying to gather up more meat shields for you as you are quiet desperate 
  8. The valet parkin boy by day, tap-tap game bad as wanna be by nite is at it again
  9. Bit unrelated but is no one gonna talk about how Apheriun is just getting huge buffs for no reason when we defeat that boi time and time again
  10. Why can't Calydor get a buff and come back as a god pig
  11. Crazy how long these wars go on for these days.
  12. Wondering where Musa the liar and his kid Twicc3kgold are?

    If ya have learned about yourself now then it’s better for ya to request for closing this thread. We are fine with that. It won’t make yourself look great by telling lies here. Start hitting might earn some respects 

    Take it easy. This is a tap tap game

    YAFI 1-0 NAL
  13. How come your saying Yafi 1 nal 0 when none of the clans have done ebs in a while.you don’t need to be Einstein to work out that it’s because all yafi clans are dead  and this is from a neutral kaw player
  14. Congratulations to the neutral kaw player's 1st ever post on kaw forum! Welcome!

    One thing you realise about yafi, usually it is our enemies that start new threads on forum declaring yafi dead. Since years ago. Most of them are not around by now.

    Another thing you would have realised about us yafians. We are highly adaptable. We had enemies pointing out that we lost wars because we did ebs during osws. We had enemies saying we were hiding behind towers (and yes, we were the first to discover the tower build.) You don't need to be Edison to work out what happened to these trends next.

    Once again, congratulations to the neutral kaw player's 1st ever post on kaw forum!
  15. Here comes another lie of this fake ass YAFIAN. He mention tower build was discovered by YAFIAN. This is a lie. TAKA discovered the tower build. When TAKA separates from Chaos Reborn they had a bad break up and turn into OSW. TAKA way outnumbered so they turn into twin tower build. This made them dtw all the time. CR thought they where cheating for being always dtw and kept reported to support. Devs find them not cheating but TAKA kept the secret with them. Until iReg copy the build and few more copy the twin tower build. This forced the devs to change war mechanics for tower build because they can hold gold and always dtw. Only tower build in yafi was Rocketman but not the twin tower build. Rocketman tower still be hitable due to not enough tower. Never trust a liar YAFIAN more likely it’s the fake ass like him.
  17. NO POOSANG. Wrong again
    CAMBJI had the tower build and was wrongfully banned because of it.
    You dont know everything, just accept it

    How about you stay off forums and stop proclaiming to be the know it all and start hitting your enemy. We’re getting pretty bored with this osw, i will say that NEW AGE are the worst opponent we’ve ever had.
  18. Camji not banned because of tower build you idiot. Lying ass he was banned of something else with related to EB. Devs didn’t banned TAKA members which the first discovered tower build. They where track by devs for months on end. No suspicious activity. This was before anyone build twin tower. Old CR members knows this because the first players noticed this build. So stop lying. KAW community knows why YAFI get banned Not a single TAKA got banned so you know. When Camji copy TAKA builds. He got banned because he is an idiot like you
  19. Yea right, i think you have your timelines mixed up.
    I think its bed time for you, the street lights are on, brush your teeth and tuck yourself in kid
  20. During TAKA vs CR war most yafi including camji build was reversed hybrid. They too chicken getting incs. So don’t get farm as Hansel they added more attack when highland new building update. Your lying ass still want to try to proclaimed you discovered twin tower first idiot. You certainly have no clue and claiming anything lol. If any TAKA player still play they can tell you that they discovered it first and kept it a secret. Even devs didn’t know the mechanics. Still devs knew they where not doing anything wrong. Camji I think learn the build from CG.