Yafi death is not the end

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  1. This junk build is built with new age junk Allies an gold  chew on that fantasy boy 
  2. Just admit it you suck you can’t strip even a blind manYou suck like all dead YAFAILS
  3. Pusang why dont you ever talk about the failure of IDD? You always like to acknowledge others failures but never your own. Remember when you had a clan and people followed you? Remember when you didnt hide in another clans roster and beat your chest?
  4. Haha! I too also wonder what happened to iDumDum clan.
    I think the clannies realised what a fraud he was so they left. Then twicc’s 3K rage quit happened and passed all new age lotion accounts to poosang for charm farming
  5. Osw poser Posang got quiet he’s trying to think up his next lie ,go figure  on how every clan he’s been failed I guess even them smartened up an got tied of bull crap stories  SMH  New age was so desperate to get out of osw with YAFI they give Posang there accts and run away like little sewer rats ....poor new age soon will be on a iron lung Posang I surprised no one has complained about you playing multiple alts in the fake war games on here
  6. I'm still right here  had to focus on ee instead of talking to 
  7. It is a curse, do not laugh! It is not funny when everything Musang touches turns to crap. AHH lost war to Yafi - cause Musang was there, I Dumb Dumb clan died - again King Musa the  has been involved. NA empty and dead - you guessed it Musang again. NAL only good to scare eb harvesting clans probably because people still remember they were allied to Knights in Pyjamas that actually were ones engaging Yafi for several years, while NA and Later NAL were in so called “ growth stage”
    KiP being self proclaimed eb fairies have more class, more integrity and more fighting spirit that you will ever have.
    So do not make fun of King Musang the crap midas of NAL, he is cursed. Everything he touches turns to crap.
    Oh, do not buy his butthurt cream either, I have heard is a total crap. Makes you see things 
  8. Why so butthurt? Take a breath and chant “musa!!!” over and over 
  9. Poosang,
    We’ll make you a deal.
    You can have a CF if you reset and your alts twicc 3k, and putziger. Also have to post a thread called Sorry YAFI and DS, post a pic of yourself in your parentals basement holding a newspaper with todays date wearing your baby bib.
    Do that and its a deal 
  10.  And last but not least Posang you have to call me Daddy ; )
  11. We should be able to thumbs up or thumbs down forum posts so we can all participate with minimum effort would be nice
  12. Further CF terms for Pusang.

    Must trade all charms and furniture from NA to Yafi prior to dropping builds.

    Must change Twicc banner to “Vbot killed the real Twicc”

    Must change Pusang banner to “Kiki spanked me and made me her poodle.”

    All other NAL banners must read “IDD, NA, NAL all killed by Pusang, the cause of our demise.”

    IDD clan page must be changed to admit “IDD the losing clan in every OSW we ever entered into.”

    NAL clan page must be changed to....”Sorry we drug our clan allies into OSW only to abandon them as meat shields because we are the biggest OSW fail in the history of kaw.

    We might also need another forum cry thread from pusang ending with apology to forums for all lies and tears pouring forth from pusang for so long.
  13. Yay I made it into the terms
  14. So they killed ol ur clans yet u dimand to b crownt the champ?
  15. Can’t quiet put my finger on why I feel dumber every time i read something a dumb dumb from noob age types something rotflmfao
  16. If irony existed, it'd be this post
  17. Bro you are the dumbest YAFI I know
    Proof: YAFI made you a yafi council for a week to beg Apoc for CF
    True YAFI will never CF to no one.
    True YAFI will rather be naked and pinned 24/7 than beg CF and lost pride
    Sadly you are so dumb you don’t even realized you got used by your clan mate
    This is serious post just to remind you as a tool.
    True YAFIAN pride is more important than being naked and pinned.
    I wish WILDERS_CHILI trained you properly as a player not as a tool by judgment idiots.
    In my opinion WILDERS_CHILI is the true YAFIAN and I respect a lot. ZAFT stripped and pinned them 24/7 and they never given up and ask CF like fake ass YAFAILS. You pick a fight with Apoc and didn’t even lasted a couple of months and begged Apoc for CF.
  18. They finally admitted the 3k!

    Good job! Let's have a celebratory lunch now!
  19. IDD and sub clans - killed
    New Age and sub clans including Brazilian division - killed
    ==> and as already admitted by Musang, the main clan was only 19 players.

    Remaining accounts then join No Action Losers, but somewhat inactive. At the current moment, NAL is having difficulty in EB due to many inactives so had to advertise on wc for help.

    Anyone who joins to help knows how silent the clan chat is. Somehow quite a few are actively hitting and yet eerily silent.
  20. lol what a moron