Yafi death is not the end

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  1. We laughed when Twicc rage quit after being scammed.

    We laughed even harder now we know who the hero is.

    Sorry everyone just can't stop laughing at your clan.
  2. Wow. Ol of this yafi guys r truly delusional. Jisus christ. Its truly sad.

    RIP yafi
  3. The glimpse of how NA wars yafi

    Step 1: Hide in pin
    Step 2: Come to forum and say yafi is dead.

    Great strategy!
  4. This thread is entertaining lol.
  5. Your name change throws me off every single time bro
  6. I don’t know why yafails war runners make such a fuss over this topic?

    Yafails war runners took a call as they could not keep up eb 24/7 in their home environments and need eb to grow to be always 1-2 steps before New Age in big accounts.
    Yafi war runners council took a call to fight New Age from exile, I mean nothing wrong in that but you abandon your home clans means you lost that ground and have been gone such long time and integrated with the new clan you moved into.
    Yafi all 5 clans are dead since a longer time back. - fact!

    And Dragon Secrets is a brick in your survival strategy, and I respect that I really do, weak players like kiki69 always do your bidding even YAFI once had 5 yafi clans or if you fight from exile inside Dragon Secrets she opens door for she love you or fear, I don’t really know how real crazy persons think. Maybe both :)

    Fact is still yafi clans are dead and yafi war runner fights from exile. Even the newest noobs in kaw can see this.

    None is so blind they can’t see leadership of Yafi council is fighting New Age Legends from exile.

    I also did state on my Twicc wall that GOA who never been Yafi council in the past, he is just do the monkey doing to the monkey dirty work, like things you yafi exile council don’t want to handle even with gloves, like the CF with APOC/Wdgaf, GOA begged like crazy he wanted CF for yafi against the mighty family of APOC and their alliances.
    Sadly APOC dident know yafails council send an monkey asking for CF but I mean the laugh he got from his begging in apoc rooms was still hilarious funny.
    I actually never thought YAFI would ask a CF, but as they are so decimated they had no other choice as they don’t dare fight a huge force like APOC alone.

    Strategy in make alliance with ZAFT was not the brightest call from New management of yafai exile war runner council and especially the one Appleseeds who do whatever he likes inside YAfi these days.

    Yafi war runners complain over my stateless alt ( can’t come to forum due Twicc is perm banned since I did try riot inside kaw 5-6years ago and my move made me perm banned with zero chance to have the ban be lifted ;)

    Same as Yafi war runners strategy fight new age from exile, same I try use what ever means to be in forum talking about fussy things like You asked for it family lost the osw.

    I don’t care much over CF from other clans I move on to other scams when I get bored, and yes it was a smart move from Yafi war runners exile council move to Dragon Secrets as it made us have a goal again, we had already destroyed Yafail plans in be the number one force controlling all of kaw - check in stopping that.

    I rather have kotfe and apoc/wdgaf be the strongest force than have Yafi war runners decide the game plan for all other kaw clans.

    Now new age been doing our best hit all guest inside Dragon Secrets so you get more players fights us, it’s been very boring years since we decimated yafi to a shadow of its former glory in kaw. So we do our best you get more help fight us.

    Good luck Yafi war runners and fight from exile is nothing wrong many terrorist cells do the same ways in their strategy against bigger force.

    Now I seem yafi admit Na is a so such small accounts and 98% musang accounts so it’s even more fun New Age made Yafi war runners on the run and fight us from exile, I mean the smallest weakest accounts in kaw got yafi war runners on the run and destroyed their 5 yafi clans. It’s hilarious funny :)

    So with above facts I did decide say New Age won the osw vs You asked for it, but I am sure we have serval upcoming battles from the exile war runners inside Dragon Secrets :)

    Good luck to both sides in NAL vs DS

  7. War runner PUTZIGER att 20/20/14 p
    Inside walt disney clan running away. Biggest NAL account and most feared fighter 
    1. You Ask For It
    2. __judgment__
    3. YA__judgment__FI
    4. YA__GROM__FI
    5. YA__Rise of Honour__FI

    Twicc killed them all.
    YAFAILS dead and totally defeated
    NO CF until the remaining war runners wear pink tank top and call Twicc KAW god
  9. I'm on no one's side here but the downfall of YAFI and its fragmentation isn't a weakness if you think about it.

    Unless you are pinning every single person from YAFI, they can rise up and with the new clans they've joined can fight back or even worse...

    Under false pretences join NA and destroy it from within.

    Like some real Art of War stuff.

    These are thoughts I have.

    Or they could just stay fragmented, it doesn't really matter lol
  10. We’ve had moles inside NA for years without them knowing, this isnt really groundbreaking thoughts
  11. I’m the mole true story 
  12. full of crap all talk no action
  13. Triggered by truth 
  14. Twicc and his 3k poof! That's all I need to know!
  15. Sight...

    Well let’s walk this road, I am a scammer and when playing with Fire I also sometimes get burned from Fire, I been burned several times during many osw biggest one was during first na/hollow/iG osw, 3k or if it was 300$ recent burned you claim is pocket money compare to the scam Money we either got burned or scammed during NA - Hollow osw, here we talk about 30k losses on both side of New Age and IG/Hollow and several times.

    For me personally is 300$ or 3000$ pocket cash I burn a Friday night 4k a bit more on a Saturday, if I go to Casinos in Vegas we burn around 100k. I always been a high roller on poker games so loose or win money never been a big deal to me. I have enough to go and play with fire everywhere and not just kaw.

    I always put my passion and love in kaw to win osw, we did high stakes during first NA-Hollow/IG osw, when I was banned 24h on Trueplayer and got stripped from number 1 LB to whatever there you can know it hurt hahaha

    Guess the amount to get new age legends to be LB 50 :) so 3k pocket money to me and you should know this, but hey you get a star for trying.

    To me it hurt more loose osw compare when loose Rl money and as I have both been scammed and been the scammer in kaw I know the stakes. So laugh at 300$/3000$ :)
    I can tell you that I don’t care.
    For example thanks to imarabbit and me Appleseeds lost way way more then I did on Trueplayer ;)
    Yafi can’t and will never hurt me same as IG did for example. But I did my revenge to some iG council that made them quit kaw, it’s part be scammer or be scammed :)

    So continue try your new strategy, you yafi the war runners still lost the osw vs New Age

    Good luck exile yafi war runners and continues battle from Dragon Sercrets as exiles :)

    Next time you try to take me out of balance start use your brains, as I don’t party/drink as I did in the past I have **** load to spend on my game account ;)

    New age Legends top 50LB already :) :) I wonder
    Why hahaha they must have some big spender inside who don’t Care kaw is dying ;)

  16. Sometimes I sit on my porch wondering what new age is really doing to there poodles  All the crap fantasies they make up an post on a free app board I can’t even imagine what there real life must be like  An sometimes I sit on my porch here an wonder what the halfwits an Kid’s that believe an follow master Posang are gonna grow up an be like  ok that’s just my thought’s of today 
  17. Ps: weedie while telling your kaw fantasies that I’m pretty sure ya mommy is writing  .....why didn’t you add on Sunday mornings you wipe with 100.00 bills an drop them in the out house for new age members to go fight over let them have some crumbs  ok enough reading new age fantasies dream world stories .... think I’ll go strip one of them for having to read this crap 
  18. Newbs age is 30% pusang alts, and stragglers from musangs failed attempt to lead IDD to victory in OSW. Your clan is trash and no one takes you seriously 
  19. Also... I'm 100% responsible for everyone calling musang pusang... your welcome
  20. I think you are high againWhen did you strip any my alts? Your junk build couldn’t succeed on 600 million sdt 