Yafi death is not the end

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  1. Fair statement. The reverse movement could have happened too. Players come and go and clans change. Always been the case.

    It didn't really make a difference. We are still having fun stripping NAL. I hope they are having fun too because our battle newsfeed have generally been quite empty.

    Time for dinner though. Seeya in a while.
  2. @nate

    We strip farm newb age lotioners from wherever and whenever. We do it clanless, inside clans, upsidedown insideout. It doesnt matter where we are
    Yafi is still as healthy as ever, i dont understand why you have to be in a home clan. We coordinate using multiple avenues.
    Poosang is getting absolutely pasted right now, so all he has time for these days is posting in the forum and having a cry
  3. Lmao posting. Good try
  4. I didn’t know either side really did much anymore. Considering the OSW has been going on for 5 years. After 4 years in the iG vs WDGAF/Apoc war myself by the end of it, I saw no point. Imo after a year or so your points have been made and you should move on to the next big fight for the hell of it.
  5. Well to disagree with you... yafi have accounts that are holding bfa and who aren’t scared of NAL. NAL are reduced to a bunch of small alts and musang who either sit at max plunder or hide their allies out of fear. NA aren’t growing at all anymore, they are dead. A glorified rotation clan that posts in wc for help on ebs and who is to stubborn to admit defeat.
  6. Also... love you Nate
  7. We just have fun and laugh at it. That's it.

    Then you see this statless alt, impersonating Twicc, and publicly declaring, with great chest thumping, that NA wins.

    It just adds to the fun to see such desperation.
  8. Y u kip at it? R u blind? What part of “twicc is forum banned” u don understand?
  9. Well I can't help it if you can't read.

    Go back to school to learn proper reading.
  10. Ily2 bb
  11. I used be in grom  it was a good clan.
  12. Rotflmfao this could be the most desperate forum post from noob age yet trying to declare victory for doing nothing but hiding an self pinning I’ve ever seen I feel dumber now just from reading it Bahahahahaha y’all keep gum flapping will keep stripping y’all daily and watch ya cry some more
  13. An Posang next time you beg for a CF make sure an call me daddy if ya want some brownie points 
  14. feel I am neutral so I have no feelings in either side of your osw.

    Without trying hurt any of your feelings, after this post was released, it’s been very much “trying hard convince kaw: Yafi clans still alive” talk from several Yafi members.

    All members on both sides of osw always defend their believes is the correct one. So does this.

    I been going through Yafi clans and they do look dead to me. So it’s a valid point hunting war runners at least it was in beginning of KAW, if nothing changed that’s kinda means war runners keep fighting until either the victorious side get bored or until the war runners CF to the winners.
    Actually seen a war runner got the Victorious side to ask for CF, but that guy was crazy.

    If we count how measures was in beginning of KaW in those days it’s looks like New Age is the winner, but with a stubborn click of players still hitting and stripping New Age, also something that we did often see in the history of KAW.
    So this click can probably continues cause problem for New Age if they don’t deal with this.

    Hope this clear out things or do it get more confusing?
  15. The problem with this is that we are not dead, we all dont have to sit in one clan to show otherwise. There are other apps that we use to coordinate, in there you will see hundreds of messages daily. We are a family and will never separate. Even when this game eventually gets turned off we will still be yafi
    Just have a look at NA roster and check allies, alts, cs, you’ll see the real picture
  16. Yes. You kinda need to be in the fighting clan. Otherwise ur jost a bonch of wor runers.
  17. Well we are in a fighting clan. DS is fighting, they were dragged into this by NA which was a mistake.
    Thats why NA are trying so hard for us to leave because they want a CF.

    And i cant believe you guys are discrediting KIP’s osw against us, i thought you guys were friends
  18. You are embarrassing yourself in forum yet again pusang. You are the only one who believes your garbage. I guess that comes from talking to your own alts in cc all the time?

    NA never made a dent in any Yafi. Your only successful strips came in the first year against small non towered accounts. And that was back when the real twicc and muaha were actually still kawing.

    Since then all NA, and especially pusang, have hidden in shadows and attempt to get proxies to fight their war for them. As others have said all anyone has to look at to see the status of this war is look at ally lists of yafi accts and NA accts. Most of NA stays at mp ally. Pusang hides 24/7. And he wars for that reason only. 

    The only other “successes” NA has had is in bullying neutral eb clans that happen to have a yafi in eb. Many seem to fear NA for reasons I can’t fathom and have actually restricted access, asked to leave, or kicked NA enemies at times.

    As to Yafi presence in DS l, or other clans rather than Yafi clans. This began back when we were still osw with KIP. Events changed OSW and Yafi adapted. Initially we hopped clans to complete events and would return home after doing so. We would also return home for organized strips. Several of our bigs completed events at DS. Pusang, having bullied other LB clans successfully prior, then attempted to bully DS; at the time a neutral clan with doors open to Yafi, NA, and everyone.

    This is quite ironic for a couple of reasons. First, NA doesn’t hit Yafi anymore. And if a yafi visits another eb clan that yafi gets no incoming while pusang threatens and hits that clan’s admin. Most ironic is that NA including pusang and his alts do themselves clan hop to complete events.

    Unfortunately for NA not every clan is full of fairies. And when pusang attempted to threaten and started hitting DS they received a reply they did not anticipate or appreciate. Because DS started smashing Pusang and NA accts that hit. They furthermore then opened doors to additional yafi such as myself even though I didn’t quite meet stat requirements. So pusang really fell into a trap of his own making and continues to rage about it as nothing has improved for him in this.

    He does continue to threaten other clans however. Including NK clans while he joins same himself and hits from them as well. And it appears some of these NK clans are inclined to let pusang bully them.

    I urge these clans to use caution and balance their decisions impartially. If they do not they may not enjoy Yafi’s response. We do not desire for others to become involved in our conflict with NA (98% pusang). We are however, also not inclined to allow a osw poser to create an uneven playing field between us regarding clan visits including NK clans.
  19. sorry I can’t help myself with laugh
  20. Rotflmfao Posang you not laughing you are desperate an crying all you have left is this last attempt to claim fake victory you or all ya alts do nothing but eb most boring war I ever been in .. I don’t even call it osw it’s more like kicking a dead horse all I see is you trying to drag another alliance in to osw because you are helpless just my atm machine You An your fake new’s alts keep gum flapping its quiet entertaining watching you have a melt down ....Remember to call me daddy next time you beg for a cf it’s your only hope ; )