Yafi death is not the end

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  1. Dear Kaw

    Its true i been gone officially some time, due bordness and especially due to my family and did find time have 3 crazy kids ;)
    I still on my LB account on daily basis. And still none ever found it strange but anyhow...

    I login and seen a couple of stuff, KAW is dying so my prediction are true, sadly cos i do like KAW whatever ATA seem to do to destroy it.

    I am here just to set some things right, as all knows who plays KAW, YAFI clans are dead. They died before I got bored from KAW and just been on last breathing phase with few active YAFI players.

    I dont mind YAFI they can do whatever they like in KAW, but try to destroy New Age through LOS ( well sadly Yafi used LOS as an brick to attack us), is not that easy even without me. New Age is way to crazy clan who dont care if we get stripped or if we endup being pinned by a huge family, we have never been well orginised its more everyone loves be in OSW; and during growth mode we loose more players than during OSW. So whatever trash talk our enemies try to us, we’ll growth mode is the thing that will kill New Age one day ;)

    The core of NA havent changed in many years we are stable team who put real life first, so yes Muhahaha took a break his first since KAW started 10 years back,due he got a kid. Grats btw Bin :)

    Myself never really quit just needed step down from my high horse and put energy on my family.

    Yafi never scared me away whatever they say I just decided I move on from official accounts.

    Back to Yafi who actually lose the OSW vs NEW AGE LEGENDS. WHY? Easy yafi clans are dead and war runners moved on to an LB clan called Dragons Secrets.

    Our OSW with Yafi have ended after 5 years and we want to give respect to Yafi for staying stubborn enough this long. NEW AGE won the osw vs YAFI, no doubt in that! How much yafi will cry over this post or how many Trolls trying write me down fact is all 5 yafi clans are dead.

    Remains of YAFI as i said above they are between 10-15 active players left using lot of alts acting they a full force in kaw, but as they still have leaks into us we know more than they do of us. Yafi sadly have an member who started leak day one as he dident like what Yafi did become when Appleseeds forced his way up in lead yafi, old yafi wasn’t happy over him, but his ways worked for a time until he decided LoS should attack New Age.

    New Age Legends were we moved to our orginal clan have today 38 active players even recruited new players from former enemies to us, from IG and -Protake- all we took in is so called old school players in KAW, they are in growth mode as NAL as always hate to grow and rather hit targets so for everyone to hit EB, well its when 80% goes lurk mode. They really hate in growing hahaha
    Kudos for not quit even kaw is dying and growth mode is boring.

    Anyhow, anyone who thinks its Yafi vs NAL in osw its not, its NAL vs yafi war runners and they took thier move to an old friend of us kiki69 new clan Dragon Secrets, the former clan Secret Service we did destroy once even kiki69 cried to ATA support we did hit her in a war game ;) thats was so fun see ATA pm me we should step back against Secret Service and the cryer kiki69. We did not of course.

    Today i do count New age has one OSW its vs Dragon Secrets an LB clan who has big account and guests as all LB has, its nice to see we succeed provoke some LB players to stay inside so we have a goal in destroy both the LB players and DS. And of course ex Yafi are inside Dragon Secrets as war runners. They now staid to long from yafi clans as they can’t say they belong to yafi anymore they belong to Dragon Secrets and Kiki69 is their leader!

    On personal leval i dont play on Twicc anymore same as i once played on Trueplayer, i got bored on TP and even Twicc and moved to an new account my enemies need to find. Or am I lying? Who knows, all i know KAW have some more lolz before it dies completly and we for sure will trying to find them through news or scaming either way will be good to us. And hopefully we upset enough players who decide to attack us :)

    I want to say thank you to New Age members, new as old for keeping doing what they love...

    And we havent changed play style since we started this game, 10years is kinda long for a game and we still keep fighting after 10years, just saying, wow respect to all crazy ones still play kaw after this time.

    Kudos and respect Yafi And New age, and was a good fight YAFI, now continue stay in Dragon Secret, but pls change your banners as YAFI died several years ago, or move back to YAFI and declare revenge on NEW AGE for winning against you ;)

    Good luck in Future Yafi, as I have no grudges after we now won the Osw against you!

    Trolls and Yafi this post is now open for your comments and cries

    Twicc aka Trueplayer aka xxxx
  2. Poor thing. Why hide and post with a statless if yafi is dead or if you aren't afraid of yafi?

    Sure lends plenty of credibility.

    Good luck though.
  3. Twicc account been forum banned for 5 years now, i am not hide just hit Twicc :) even posted on this account wall Twicc TM ;)

    This is the funniest post yet.

    Poosang is getting desperate now, i guess he doesnt like the new ATA charm rebalance. Doesnt work in his playstyle anymore.
  5. There are only 2 scenarios.

    Scenario 1: You are Musang and all credibility is lost.

    Scenario 2: You are really Twicc and you just admitted to sharing account with Musang.

    So which one is it?

  6. Banter trolling you are trying :) :) :)

    not my problem if you think I am me or someone else, how to interpret my text is up to you so either I share account or not it does not matter because ATA close their eyes when players buy and sell accounts in Kaw. how you choose to interpret my text can stand for you and not really my thing force you my ways of how things look or not are looking.
  7. Loving it. A statless account accusing me of trolling.

    Very very credible indeed!

  8. Sorry an very unintelligent person I am accusing are Banting, forgot unintelligent won’t happen again.

    Even the smallest research on Twicc banner and my wall would make you understand I at least speak in Twiccs name hahaha

    You need try better and know if it’s real Twicc you will have a hard time win this discussion even I’ll give you cred for trying.

    But it is banter as you try switch conversation to other things than Yafi all clans are dead, as you know this you banter in how legit I am or not, you can probably go on all day, pls cry how much you want appleseeds we both know you lost the OSW, nothing wrong in that after 5,5years of osw

    I even give remains of war runners from yafi credit you still not gives up even you all moved to Dragon Secrets

    I do love how you push kiki69 as a brick same way you did with LOS and other clan you did throw under the bus trying to save yourselves from us at New Age, now all yafi clans are dead all your alliances are dead and only rock you could hide behind is kiki69 as she is to unintelligent to understand what you do to her and her clan by making her break the CF she asked for after we destroyed Secret Service.

    Good luck with your banter Apple it won’t mind me at all only shows how desperate you still want to look good to kaw community and I am not worried how players see or look at me. See the difference here ;)
  9. Seriously no one knows what you are talking about.

    All I see is extreme butthurt by a statless alt here.

    Let me just put it here:
    You Asked For It.
  10. So now you are not Twicc! Make up your mind.

    Should I thank a statless alt for giving me credit for trying? Hmmm.....
  11. New age won the OSW vs You asked for it

    All yafi clans are dead, then you can banter/troll how much you want me being a stateless alt

    Fact is fact so keep crying over an statless alt instead rather face the fact you lost vs New Age

    Need to put kids to bed so you keep crying over your loss here haha haha
  12. When one has to resort and stoop so low to using a statless alt to post that their clan won the osw, the result of the osw becomes very very obvious.

    Sure feels like you are "not worried how players look at you".

    P.S. Never have I seen in ALL the osws we were in, that someone uses a statless alt to declare their clan won it. You are really the best.

    The next best was AAH starting a thread saying yafi is dead. We know what happens next.
  13. Latest osw You asked for it was vs APOC who you actually tricked APOC and wdgaf, smart move send GOA to do the monkey work begging for CF from APOC, I mean has he never been Yafi council member in the past I know none of real yafi council wanted to ask CF so you send a monkey do your dirty work.

    Kotfe was very impressed over yafi begging for CF :)

    Yafi we are here and now and All yafi clans are dead no matter what you did in past, it doesn’t even matter what you write that current status, and I even asked Yafi go back to yafi clan and make an revenge osw against us, but today you remains hides behind Dragon Secrets members

    Love the banter you try seems you lost touch
  14. The statless alt continues to rage and say New Age wins the war...

    To be further continued.
  15. Ok so now you are sorry for testing DS and you want us to go back to our home?
    You have realised you cant bully them.
    If you post a CF request on kiki’s wall and apologize for being a clan of monkeys and reset poosangs account maybe we will consider going back home
  16. Truth: Musang threatened DS. It backfired. And after charms nerf, Musang comes to the forum crying.

    I think Musang is an alternative word for crybaby.

    Usage: Don't be a Musang.
  17. Defacto To be an statless alt I have still drawn out exile yafi council to this post hahaha
  18. Actually I am replying you because you are just way too funny. It really cracked us up.

    This is the first time I see a player use a statless alt to come to forum to declare an osw win on established clans. How much more ridiculous can it get!

    It just spells of extreme butthurt of such a grand scale.

    Come on Musang. We all know it is you. No need to pretend.
  19. The 5 stages of grief and loss are:

    1. Denial and isolation;
    2. Anger;
    3. Bargaining;
    4. Depression;
    5. Acceptance.

    “You Asked for it” are still in step 1.

  20. More like New Age is at step 4.

    Try again.