Ya_judgment_fi vs Warlor OSW history thread

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. I was off for a few months a while back.. what's this about YAFI/ZAFT?
  2. Wow... Is all I can say this is going to be huge.
    I'd accept a retaliation from Warlor atleast. 43 trill is a huge amount. I wonder if Umbrella Corp will defend one of there clans?

     Vs 

    Going to be a good one. First time I'm going to see umbrella corp in action if they do decide to support.

  3. Should really use my emoji in forums >.<
  4. But I don't wanna miss part by getting it

  5. I know I'm doing that too

  6. Clan vs clan. Why should or would umbrella join?
  7. Another unnecessary thread.
  8. Because Yafi judgement is ******* scary
  9. Go YaFi, WarLor's own actions got this brought upon themselves.
  10. IMF made a thread against TF OSW I wonder how IMF will respond to this one
  11. Sire :lol:
  12. And I was wondering where he was
  13. @worm.

    I will try. Looking for it now.
  14. I'm just saying I wouldn't want to face them and I'm sure warlor with their mainly attack builds definitely don't want to
  15. @queenV

    Any IG gonna war with Yafi?
  16. @queen who were you looking for?
  17. How many clans are in the umbrella corp?
  18. WarLoR do not post on this thread.