Ya_judgment_fi vs Warlor OSW history thread

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Somebody should tell him the wars over...
  2. Just let him find out on his own..
  3. Lol let him have his fun
  4. Dammit!! Well doesn't really matter... Either way get farmed ... farm back
  5. Lock already!!!
  6. No proof of this, but I think Yafi was looking to war with warlor. Not because they didn't like warlor, but so they could have the title of biggest strip ever.

    Doesn't wanting that title seem like a real good reason to go to war? I think so :)
  7. In KAW things are said, War rages on and now has come to an end. All conflicts between RCA and MDK are resolved.
  8. Uh. Wrong Phil thread?
  9. That doesn't look like an apology to me..........
  10. 6 weeks REALLY??? Suck a  zero
  11. Back when this was first posted, I was like "Damn. That's a lot of gold. I bet another strip at that level won't happen for awhile." And then, within two months, two more happened, each bigger than the last.
  12. What is the current biggest one?
  13. You made me curious too...