Ya_judgment_fi vs Warlor OSW history thread

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Yes. There are about 3-5 worms on this thread. More lurking most likely.
  2. Wonder how their program will work in osw
  3. Actively persuing statements from both clan leaders about this osw. Promising an objective account. 
  4. this willbe a interesting oswGL to both sides
  5. Black Plague is apparently IMF's alt. it was IMF that was doing the smack talking. What exactly was said is still Unknown. .
  6. Warlor guests got 24 hrs to leave the clan.
  7. For those who are wondering this is by far the biggest strip ever in Kaw. More than twice the next nearest.
  8. Next down is Jstarr at 18t?
  9. *so far, with IMF ranked #11 on the Allie lb Yafi might break the record again lol
  10. Correction. Guests got 12 hrs to leave.
  11. Yeah mango, then cambji at 16t
  12. Osiris will not break cf to help warlor.
  13. *drinks coke n grabs hotdog*
     Interesting bedtime story 
  14. Any OSW Yafi is involved with makes for a good read, I stocked up popcorn in bulk this time

  15. Still want to know about yafi/zaft. Is there a thread phil
  16. Hey  wanna share with a bro

  17. *lights blunt,pours coffee and grags chocolate mmmm chocolate
  18. Not now , wait for the show to start.

  19. Yeah venom there was a thread ages ago about that.
  20. Would you mind bumping it if on pc Phil?