Xtal use indicator

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  1. A lot of times clans set the Eb rules to be without the use of Xtals but have the items FFA

    At the end of the Eb it makes it pretty difficult to prove if someone used a Xtal or hit all the items

    It would be a great improvement if the developers could indicate next to the name of the member the number of Xtals used

    No use no number

    That way we make it clear and fair to and for all

    Thank you
  2. Hitted. Is this first grade?

    Also no support. Waste of developer resources.
  3. No use no grammar? No use no brain? This idea won't be implemented because there is no easily way to track if the xtals where used on the eb, let's say someone does Xtal but then uses 1 attack on a quest. Does it count as a Xtal even though it wasent a full one?

    What if someone xtals for pvp and it counts towards the eb because they pinned on last 3 actions?

    What if someone uses the land trick for extra actions? Is that counted a Xtal even though none where used?
  4. In the Eb history you see the successful actions per member during the eb
    I am not talking about activity stats on players profile
  5. R u dum or biger troll than mi , eithir way these iz unnaceptble