Xtal Clock

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Savage, Feb 15, 2016.

  2. Why does this account Kristell always bump old threads?
  3. Re: Xtal Clo

    This stupid kaw mbr
  4. Never use max extal but still Support

    Seems to make sense for the devs to at least extend that courtesy to those who find the rest of our experience and keep this game alive
  5. Op suggested this 5 months before you did . check date plzkthxbai
  6. Maybe so, devs are not interested unless it helps sell crystals, we can suggest the same thing and repeat it but they got bugs to fix
  7. This has been asked for previously at least 3 years ago in fact. Devs won't do it or rather have shown no interest in doing this. But support to OP for bringing it up again
  8. Always the Debbie Downer.
    No support for kasama idea
  9. **** yeah, Savage. Great thread.

    How's the pecker bud? How u been?
  10. Didn't you just grave dig too though? o.o
  11. Great idea. Lets keep it active another 2 years so those monkeys take it seriously.
  12. I've never seen someone ask for a feature that they will never be able to take advantage of...

    Edit: I guess with Devs giving out the occasional free crystals Savage will get to see single digits on the clock haha.
  13. Support (Only if KaW startsing using a base 4 number system for clocks)