Xtal Clock

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  1. Support also one for when we get more speakers would be nice.
  2. I support this proposal. I hate when I run out of the ability to use crystals when I'm not expecting to do so.
  3. Booooooooo
  4. Boooooooo
  5. Bump. Seriously need this clock, would help a ton and promote more crystal use.
  6. Idk maybe my smartphone can help me.
    Just a wild n random thought.
  7. But will notepad kick off a better crystal system and promote more crystal sales? Of course you can count yourself, but it would be useful to impliment a personal clock counting down your max crystal times and number of crystals used in that time.
  8. I would have it so that when you click the crystals on the main screen you get a list with 24 lines or a grid 4x6 with the cooldowns remaining. That way you know exactly how many crystals you have to spend and when you can spend more.
  9. support... tis a great idea and needed
  10. Woah
  11. How has this not been implemented yet?
  13. We been asking for over 6 years

    Besides, ATA too busy planning next promo to be bothered with such trivial requests; I heard a rumor that they will look into it for the 10 year anniversary and get back to us within 5 years. <sarcasm for those that can't pick that up>
  14. Really bad idea. No support. Track ur xtals urself.
  15. Support, again :lol:

    This would be useful I think of it everytime I hit my daily limit at the wrong time.

    Maybe now that the dev team have public kaw and forum accounts they'll take a look and reply to this idea
  16. It would be nice to see how long until I can xtal instead of having to figure it out myself
  17. Great idea... Support ! Just needs to be implemented
  18. Bump come on grant, read this at least