Xtal Clock

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Savage, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Support.
    And throw in a universal kaw clock with it.
  2. This is a grand idea and should not only be supported but should be implemented ASAP
  3. Support
  4. Support.. That moment you use your last xtal when you thought you had more :(
  5. Bump FFS Devs we need this
  7. Don't think its vital, but yeah its a good idea.
  8. I don't have enough xstals to need this...…support.
  9. PvP blitzes especially. Xtal clocks would help players a ton. And hey Devs... The better your xtal system is... The more likely people are to use a lot.

    Just sayin 
  10. Would be great to have 
  11. Have been asking for this for ages also

    Support :: ️
  12. Mr Savage,

    We really appreciate the idea you have come up with in regard to "Xtal Clock" in KAW forums.

    Our team has discussed your idea and its implementation, and we are sorry to inform you that because your idea does not contain any relevance to any random hentai or 1400's PC friendly woodland relics, we cannot at this time fit this into our current direction.

    Plus, your name is also "Savage". Which, according to public record, sucks.

    But, please continue to build and create valuable ideas to better the community, it helps immensely.

    -Das Apes

    PS: We can't even figure out how to build a KAW clock, how the shnuggets do you think an xtal clock will get made? You are a cocaine.