xbox 360 still worth playing?

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  1. I don't know is xbox one is better then 360 lets look at pros and cons xbox one better graphics cons less game cost more can't buy or sell used games. If the xbox one breaks can't use the xbox one games buy them all over again?
  2. Get a ps3 why? because you can play online for free without having to spend 60 bucks on a xbox live card that last a year and the graphics are better im sure the ps3 is cheaper and it is fun and doesn't have the red ring of death. But the new systems are pretty good too. I myself have had a xbox 360 a ps3 and ps4 xbox has failed me the most out of the 3. I have had a total of 4 xboxes
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  4. I don't think ps3 has better graphics. And it may have free online but it all comes down to preference. I would choose microsoft over a Sony product any day. Xbox, always.
    Red ring of death is caused by hacking or trying to modify your xbox. You can just as easily break a ps3. If you don't do something a dopey monkey would, you'll be fine. My friend has an xbox original, 360, 360 slim and a one and never had a problem.
  5. Well i have a ps3

    But from my opinion PC is better than both Xbox and ps if you have enough money to get a good pc off course
  6. Yeah pc is always better in terms of reliability and opportunity etc. Has more to offer. Console is for those who just want some downtime every few days.
  7. Xbox.. Had cbox when it first came out have had 360 since it came out! And the Xbox exclusives are better 
  8. Ps3 is great.
    I've owned both a xbox360 and ps3 and I highly suggest a ps3.
    Free online, great selection of games.
  9. Yes dude the 360 is still awesome I own three of me just so friends can use one to play on when there over
  10. If you got/have one give World of Tanks a try pretty fun game and if you like Kaw you may like it. They both have "grinds" to goals.