xbox 360 still worth playing?

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  1. If they allow 360 games on the one...
    I'll be lining up.
  2. Yes I've hade 3 xbox360s since it first came out there reliable, servers from Battlefield 3 are still populated along with CoD Black ops2 but any CoD be for Black Ops2 has been hacked so it ain't worth buying any other CoDs. They will keep servicing Xbox for some time now there even coming out with a new style 360 c:
  3. Pheonix I think they're taking the top 10 or so games from 360 and porting them to the Xbox One but don't quote me on that.
    I know GTA v will be on One.
  4. Xbox sucks 60%(+) of the gamers boot so watch out... PS3 is better
  5. Xbox 360 nope ps3 yh because free online ......

    Also if u do plan to get either why not go for new gen ...
  6. Yes definitely
  7. PS3 isn't better it's based on the users preference.
    Xbox 360 has many great games that xbox one doesn't have.
  8. Xbox 360 still decent system just ps3 has blu ray which is a nice bonus. lots of great games oblivion fallout3
  9. Just buy an Xbox one.. Your paying like 1/4 of the price for an outdated console when you could just save and get newest generation
  10. Always been fan of one n 360..still have games b like the 360
  11. [color=lime green] i think it is if you have friends that play it still :) [/color]
  12. #pcmasterrace

    Lets just hope no germans read this
  13. I have an Xbox 360 but I recommend buying a PS3 because the 360 is going to be outdated soon because the Xbox 1 and ps4 just came out, if you buy a 360 you would have to pay to play online but I'm switching to PS3 soon
  14. So youre getting rid of the outdated xbox 360, and getting the ps3?
  15. color=red] I have a Ps4 I love it all games in 1080p really nice [/color]
  16. ^ Forgot a bracket, and don't space