xbox 360 still worth playing?

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  1. Yup- cheap used games
  2. There are a lot more people playing 360 now than xbox 1 so the answer is yes dont listen to anybody else
  3. Sony > Microsoft
  4. I have both, and I feel like xbox 360 is better party wise, interface wise, and the controller. PS3 is only good because of the blue ray features, memory, and the large party text feature. Xbox is better multiplayer while ps3 is a little bit better single player. I had my ps3 one year longer than my xbox 360. My pe3 freezes way more than my xbox 360 I always have to turn my ps3 on and off because it freezes at home screen. I always got spammed with m2af because of ps3 promotions or whatever. I get free games already as they make you pay for xboxlive gold, while Playstatipn plus isn't required so I never had to get it.
  5. Army of Tw0 : i just love it
  6. Yes. Definitely yes. No shortage on entertainment
  7. Xbox 360 is still worth it,
    ◇Plenty Of ppl still play it
    ◇The game choice is still much larger than xbox ones will be for a while
    ◇Graphics are very good depending the game
    ◇Now has a free game of the month feature to ppl who have xbox live gold

    Ps3 is also a good idea if u dont like the xbox
    ◇Same huge selection of games (depending on wether you get a fat or slim one will deternine if you can play ps2 games on it also)
    ◇Graphics seem to not be as good as xbox as i see it but definitely does have its stand outs
    ◇Online is free last time i checked

    Hope this helps u decide
  8. Get a ps4 its awesome
  9. Of course the sony fan boi ponies need to post their opinions.

    He asked a specific question about XBox 360, now get on topic fan bois.
  10. Cod modern warfare 3 is pretty good lol about 40% done in 2 days! :)
  11. No,cuz u can't play warframe
  12. Why is this thread still going if OP has already stated he's bought the 360 and enjoys playing it?

  13. Eh to me its all the same but 360 will cost more in the long run but the ps3 online is free but the system will cost more than the 360s but its your choice.... and i have a ps3
  14. Add me, Hyourimaru12
  15. I haven't heard of said "hype"
  16. I only bought up ps3/4 as saying they aren't really huge upgrades same xbox 360 and Xbox one biggest difference is less games to chose from currently but that's just my view.
  17. Also Xbox one locks the game to only 1 devices u can not sell used games i think that's total bull
  18. Depends. What games do you like? Xbox one is nothing special. If only get it to use Skype, and even then I don't need that.
    I'm getting rid of all my games and **** now except for GTA v and the console itself, and then I'll eventually get rid of those as well probs when GTA v comes out for pc. That's the only game I like and I only play it maybe once of twice a week. It's good for down time though.
    If you do research that'd be good. But I'd recommend a 360 if you don't think you'll get into it.