xbox 360 still worth playing?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by -Bean-, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Umm no we have KAW!!!!
  2. I have Xbox 360 and it's fuckin awesome I probly won't get a next gen console till the price goes down
  3. Xbox one iz for cool kids only
  4. Yes it's worth it I just got my 360 last year the only downside is having to pay for online access but you get 2 games monthly free so essentially pays for itself (even tho some games suck)
  5. 360 is definitely still worth playing. It still has a large community, so it's not like everyone ran to the Xbox 1 and forgot 360. I'm willing to bet that there are more 360 players than Xbox 1.

    So get the 360, it'll be worth it
  6. All day long, Xbox one is even more worth it though.
  7. I still use mine to watch films and errrr watch films is it worth playing I guess yes. Do I get to play it no. Even the one is abandoned kaw controls me
  8. I can buy a SEGA GENESIS with fifty games games and two wireless controllers at the family dollar down the street. Only 40 bucks!!!!!  can you believe it!! Ill be the coolest kid on the block!! Yeeeeh-haw!!!!!
  9. I say yes. I still got my 360 and it's still super good
  10. I still play it. It's still fun.

    I only play it because I have had it for awhile and I'm not going to bother buying the next gen consoles. I'm gonna be buying a new pic instead for gaming plus coding in one
  11. Yeah. Theyre still making games for it and will be for another year or so.

    Get it and I know theres some deals where you can get a hamdful of games with them.

    Its a great system.
  12. Only reason I still have a 360 is because of World of Tanks 360 edition. I get like 3 FPS on the computer so that's my only way of being able to play it.
  13. Yes there are still plenty of games and its a food console
  14. No don't buy. Might as well head over to the xbox 1 or ps4. In the next 2-3 years possibly sooner they're shutting down all the xbox 360 servers so people can transfer to xbox 1
  15. No my xbox wont even connect to xbox live
  16. Yes its better than app games you play on your phone. The games are realistic and fun to play online with other players.
  17. Heck yes. Huge fun and cheaper costs with the one out. Good games are still available and favourites are always in fashion if you like them. So if you have one great. If not they are a cheap alternative. And it's always best to wait for the price drops on newer consoles and games. Though that said my one and ps4 are on order for Christmas.
  18. I bought xbox 360 :) gta 5 is pretty fun. Thx guys!
  19. The real question is it worth upgrading to Xbox 1 or ps4 if u have the xbox 360 or ps3 lol