xbox 360 still worth playing?

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  1. Quick question to kaw..

    Is xbox360 still worth playing? I am not a gamer of any sort, and never owned a console gaming system in my life before. I am thinking of buying xbox 360 just to see what the hype is all about. Give your inputs!
  2. Is say yes. You can get them really cheap nowadays.
  3. id say yes. you could probably get one much cheaper compared to an xbox one, and if you like it after a while just get the newer one
  4. LIVE is still supported an there are a lot of amazing games you can't get on an Xbone.
  5. Dark! You broke the pattern
  6. I'm hoping the Xbone gets an update to play Xbox 360 games...
  7. Ps3 could also be considered (although I prefer 360 more) for online play Id say 360 (but you have to pay for it where as ps3 is free) there are also games that are exclusive to only a certain console tho (like halo is exclusive to 360 and the last of us is exclusive to ps3) each console has a different controller, although they aren't very different it's all in what you prefer
  8. Yes, it is still very much worth playing. The online services will still be up for 2-3 more years, and I would highly recommend that you check out games like Halo: Reach and other 360 exclusives :). Also there is a very large population of gamers that still use the 360, so inline servers will usually be pretty filled up.
  10. Nope. Questions answered. Lol
  11. I would still recommend it. You might not be playing the latest games or the best graphics but there's still many great games to play. There's an entire community dedicated to gaming on older systems and games and some have just gotten a 360. You can likely find some of the greatest games for $5 or $10 rather than paying $60 or so a game on the xbox one and ps4.
  12. you can get Titanfall on 360 :p
  13. Yes definitely worth it, still many great titles to play, my kids have my Xbox 360 now, I upgraded to an xbox1, and they love it