Wwe Brock vs Goldberg thoughts

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by HIM, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Give ur thoughts about wee brick vs Goldberg match?
  2. Is the script not out?
  3. I only know Bork Laser 
  4. The Beast, the Conquerer will crush Goldberg.If the screenplay does tell so. 
  5. What happened to big daddy and giant haystacks? And where are the bushwackers?
  6. Super Cena and Boreman Lames will make an appearance midmatch and bury Lesnar then double spear Goldberg only for undertaker to appear and chokeslam them both over the top rope before proceeding to do his weird eye thing while twerking
  7. My thoughts? Isn't it weird when dudes watch two oiled up half naked dudes try to pin each other down with mostly grapples?
  8. ...aren't you native American? hmmmm? Guess yall don't wrestle huh???
  9. I'm also Greek so yea I know about actual wrestling, it's another event of athletic prowess in the Olympics. TV wrestling is scripted fights, you're watching scripted matches of greasy dudes yelling and slapping at each other rather than a bout of actual strength and skill.

    So I guess I must be crazy to question the entertainment in not actually having a winner based on how well they are at acrobatic wrestling than a script for that season.
  10. ...but you didn't question fake wrestling you made a comment about all wrestling in general and hows its funny two dudes would wanna watch two other dudes wrastle?
  11. I have no idea what actual athletic competition you're watching but actual wrestlers don't lather up some Vaseline all over their bodies to soften blows from chairs or being thrown onto tables, I didn't question wrestling I questioned watching a staged fight with greased up actors.
  12. You could take out the oiled up part of your first comment and it would fit for those athletic competitions. The real wrestling is just as awkward to watch as the fake.
  13. lol sorta agree with that, exception for me would be BJJ ...

    ..I guess he doesn't know much about wrestling he's only talking bout crap he's watched on TV. 
  14. ....because boba-fett you greco-native American you, greco-romans did oil wrestle lol 
  15. If you did know anything about wrestling you'ld realize that someone who's trained oil wrestling would whoop the doggy doo doo outta someone who hasn't..

    ...awkward or not ya git yer ass whooped 
  16. @boba-fart. Even if wrestling is scripted, those guys are serious high end athletes. You don't get to be that strong, agile, mobile and fit by just 'oiling up'

    They have years upon years of lifting weights, flexibility training, stunt training.. the list goes on.

    Give credit where credit is due whether you like or hate the sport.
  17. Band wagon jumper ...pro wrestling isn't a sport zero regulations, no governing or commissioning body, try to go to Vegas and bet on it, u can't (I think lol) and no they shouldn't get any credit for anything athletic at all ...they all on steroids lolol
  18. Same with this thread ...I didn't actually insult boba I pointed out his inaccuracies with facts (admittedly in a snarky way)

    ...youre the one who jumped in with the insults and inaccuracies

    lol u even said it in your post its "scripted" ...if it's scripted there's no real competition so therefore it isn't a sport ...they entertainers at best
  19. Wrastlin' is as real as that NFL thingy.
  20. Sport?
    You say it's a sport?
    Sports are not scripted.