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  1. Another idiot, I've barley played execpt the last six months, been in a wars for over 4 of those 6months and almost never xtal and I have 200k+ actions stop being inactive and you'll get your actions
  2. They aren't actual apes buddy, if the game was dying they would do something about it

    Holy go back to school child...
  3. Something like release b2b money grab events to milk it as hard as they can before they run it down, sunset it, and create another tap game? Yeah...

  4. Third idiot, i was using money from delivering papers when I was 11 and paying for a different game on Facebook through my mom's debit or prepaid Facebook cards

  5. Really do you think they're just going to give up on their most successful game, if so why all the new updates?
  6. Clear to see this game is on its last leg. They are just trying to suck the cash out of their remaining big spenders by adding more tiers and lands while the app is still up. They dug themselves a hole and now they can't get out. The game is literally pay to play, you can not build complete without spending a **** load.
  7. So they can suck the cash out of their last money spenders 
  8. Does t7l4+5 really warrant spending compared to how much they put into it currently, the "1%" of players aren't spending that much, it's the natural progression of the game, and s5 isn't
    Profitable like,hte is, and the promos barely change the ammount of seals and horns bought
  9. Those that are saying kaw is dying are trying to justify their retirement
    But don't have the cojones to do it

    Did they screw us? Yes
    Can you quit ? Yes
    Will you? Prob not
    Those that do quit will just be easy, low equip inactives to hit while locked out from current EB
  10. You have 68k sucesfull attacks
  11. /lock

    Already enough rage threads.
  12. Did you look at scouts, steals and assns

  13. Did I say attacks or actions
  14. Ps: you're only locking because I've proven how stupid you are
  15. Apologies you feel this way bro, alas can't have an active topic with accusations of such, you know better man. :(
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