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  1. Well guys, honestly I lost all interest in this game probably a year ago considering I've played this god forsaken game since 2010. But when the abyss lands came out I was super pissed. Then you kept rush adding more and more tiers. Like seriously guys, I know this game is only meant for rich people, and I know you just bought another new private jet or two with this event and new lands. But could you slow tf down? Like honestly nobody is ever going to be new on this game anymore other than alts. Everything is gone. Like tbh you might as well take your current earnings from this game and shut down the game just like you did FC and GAW. Truly the only people that like this game, are rich. You knowfully let leaderboard players bot, and don't do anything about it because they spend money. God this app is becoming almost as corrupt as iFunny. I know there is a lot of other threads, but if we tell them enough maybe they will calm down and actually listen to the community for once. So kaw_community If you read this, go tell the devs to fix this game, and make it fair for everyone. Don't just give the people who spend money the fun. Oh and lastly that tiny little increase you did to lower tier ebs, are crap. Especially considering its impossible to get an ally and keep it till like 10-20b, that 50% increase for smaller players isn't going to do anything at all. So whatevs. I know this thread isn't pretty, but it's to the point. So whatever ttyl.
  2. Just quit. My advice boycott xtals and nobs. No more seals also.
  3. Yeah..i seen a couple mods names in the 3rd party app that swaps accounts..they npt even trying to hide it anymore..botting is also been way out of control for quite some time as well..1,4mill actions in 3 1/2 years?? really??,lol
  4. Corrupt corrupt corrupt
  5. Hah, iFunny. That app was dead a long time ago.
  6. Op,this is 2015 and still yr here
  7. Don't know how
  8. I feel like everyone says these exact things every time something new comes out...

    Kaw doesn't die, and we all continue playing...

    Who's fault is it?
  9. The illuminati
  10. KAW has lost over 65% of it's player base. Looks like it's dying to me.
  11. Omg ata bs should only cost like 10 bil wow wow wow selfish of them to try to make money what bussiness does that!!
  12. How can they make money if they kill off their player base?
  13. What business ignores the customers demands just to suit the needs of a select few big spenders ? Kaw will most likely end up dead like gaw and fc.
  14. It will -FedEx- it's inevitable. GaW an FC were fun as well but were waayyyy UNDER updated, and they tried to make KaW OVER updated. It screwed themselves over/:
  15. The majority of game players will pay to win
    Those that don't, will always fall away. But at no detriment to the devs
    Circle of Pay to Win games
  16. I totally agree. I miss new ppl. All there is are alts now. No need for starting clans. This needs to be fixed. Stop adding on to the game. Make it possible for noobies to play and grow. I like the events tho! Keep those up but the rest of kaw just sucks right now. Everyone on the leader boards are filthy rich. I havent spent a pennie on this game cuz its a waist. Cmon devs. Plz.
  17. Ashes In The Fall.


    *Drops the mic*
  18. ******* cry baby
  19. +9 =suited for kids. Kids dont have visa cards. Stop this nonsense using us as milking cows or atleast be thrutful and, change +9 to 18+
    Kaw is dying due to all this
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