would you?

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  1. If you have played as long as me and stayed “some what active in a main clan “ would you sell them out for cash ? Be real
  2. Just how much cash are we talking about here?
  3. We talking about PayPal cash or in-game currency such as charms or whatever?
  4. Never sell out family.
  5. I would sell my granny

  6. Ur biased
  7. Focus shouldn't be on the clan itself but more on who's in the clan and what they are like. If you are the type of person who picks a clan based on its members then the answer is hopefully no. If you picked it just for EBS then yeah sell them out.

    Kind regards alcohol.

    #Im probably gonna regret this tomorrow
  8. Well you probably couldn’t now bc everyone probably knows about it by now
  9. name checks out
  10. PayPal