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  1. #1 LB. Too much gained from KaW to never have played it.

    Would you rather live a deluded life that you're living in a modern fantasy, but nobody else notices anything supernatural except for you, or would you rather scrape by on a regular job but the only sane person in your world?
  2. Deluded life sounds more fun.

    Would you rather be a valiant idiot or a nooberator?
  3. Valiant idiot

    Would you rather save Donald trump or save Hillary Clinton
  4. donald trump

    would u rather be pooped in by a 1 legged midget or have or ur fingers cut off and replaced with fidget spinners?
  5. Edward Spinnerhands

    Would you rather be Team Blade or Team Ash (Evil Dead)?
  6. Team ash

    Would you rather for one year eat wet dog food or eat wet cat food
  7. Catfood

    Would you rather be deaf or blind?
  8. Blind.

    Would you rather be a live life as member of a group of people you don't know well / trust, or would you rather live alone but feel secure?
  9. Live with the people you do not know well or trust. Without people what would one eat with their fava beans and chianti?

    Would you rather be flawed, as all humans are, and be completely ignorant of those flaws, or would you choose to be fully aware of your flaws but lack the ability to change them as a result of a subconscious unwillingness to change?
  10. @-Riven- no just no. What is wrong with you?

    For one year, would rather marry the person you hate but is extremely rich or marry the person you love who is poor?
  11. Marry for money.

    Would you rather eat one loaf of unsweetened bread or drink as many bottles of olive oil as you like every day of your life?
  12. The second one :)

    What would you rather?

    Saccharine adoration?
    Utter disdain?
  13. Second one

    Would you rather be in a jungle with one bottle of water and a worn machete or be in the jungle with one bottle of beer and a pocket knife
  14. First one

    Would you rather kill or be killed?
  15. Kill

    Drive a beat up Chevy that runs great or a new Ford?
  16. Chevy all the way

    Would you rather win $1b in pennies or $1b in dollar bills
  17. Dollar bills.

    Would you rather give a mansion or a yacht as a first year gift to your significant other?
  18. yacht i guess, both seem like abit much tho lol

    Would you rather have true faith or absolute truth?
  19. True faith, absolute truth could cause a world of problems for me fast.

    Be the duck flying about to be shot or the fish swimming about to be caught by the bear?
  20. Fishy to bear

    Would you rather give up eating for a week or give up drinking for a week