Would you rather, Take this red pill: and be free or take th

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  1. Hmm... Freedom, or living...

    Well, already don't have the first one, so living :p
  2. "You can not export freedom"

    -George Washington-

    Export being another word for give. So logic tells me the red pill won't work. Every living cell dies it is inevitable. So blue pill doesn't work either. I will stick to playing kaw and not take either
  3. because george Washington says it it doesnt mean its true ;)
  4. I'll strip naked and take the blue pill.
  5. :p me too
  6. I see your Kate Upton and raise you Michelle keegen 

    Oh and I'd take both and see what happens lol
  7. ^This guy knows what's up
  8. It's better to die a free man than to live and not be free.

    "He who would give his liberty for all his life in exchange for a moment of complete security deserves neither freedom nor security,"

    ~Ben Franklin.

    (I think I got it slightly wrong. Will edit the correct quote when I find it. But it's pretty much the same.)
  10. GOAT
  11. You need roofies for her and tranquilizer for her bodyguards!
  12. Freedom is a myth because what if a person decides that he wants to abduct some one there free to do as they pleas or should we limit what freedoms people are allowed to have.

    A persons freedom can be another's imprisonment.

    As well as the fact every one in prison would have to be released because the are free to terrorize every one as they see fit.

    Freedom is anarchy.
  14. I'd take the blue one. Unauthentic life, Ftw!!!!
  15. I forgot what someone said in 'happiness' like thread....

    If you remember a thread where the op said that everybody should be forever happy and be separated from the others etc etc....... (happiness over freedom? I think it is the title.... I think) someone said something that's very good but sadly my memory is not too great so.... Yeah......

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  18. I spelled it wrong intentionally. Zombie and Valiant are spelled wrong.
  19. Reelly, i jus thort yu coodn't spel!