Would you rather, Take this red pill: and be free or take th

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  1. I like the matrix, so the first.
  2. it's your life I totally respect your decision
  3. Then..... What's next?...
    Will the title be changed?..... Or not?.....
  4. Mind....blown!

  6. Trick question you take both and be free and live
  7. I rewatched the matrix last night and it's a great film.
  8. @Wolfie: Wrong! You can't take both, you are free when you die, but your controlled whilst your here.
  9. You didn't say that originally you can't make up rules as you go alone, but yes you can be free and live may people do it. Freedom is a state of mind. Living is to feel alive
  10. To feel and be are two different things.
  11. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
  12. Exactly.
  13. Feelings is the petty weak thing humans have, another word for emotions. You're only as free as your mind is.
  14. i rather feel free than be free. i feel free
  15. To be free is only to seise existanse.
  16. Take both and trip for a couple hours duh
  17. And die, due to over dosage.
  18. I said that and op wouldn't have it :(
  19. i remember when i read my first philosophy primer in high school and thought it was all so cool and and deep and stuff too (giggle)
  20. Mind ....Still....Blown