would you rather game

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  1. I figured id try and spice up the forums a bit by staring the would you rather game. Answer the question and then come up with a new question for the next person. Make sure to keep it appropriate for the kiddos of kaw. Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause?
  2. Date

    Would you rather be poor and happy or sad and rich
  3. Sad and rich. I would rather cry in a mustang than on my bicycle.
  4. I would rather cry in a mustang

    Would you rather eat a Lego or step on a open box of Pizza?
  5. Eat a Lego lol

    Would you rather eat a rabid dog or cat
  6. A roast chicken

    Would you rather drink sweat or eat hair
  7. Drink sweat

    Would you rather fly or be invisible
  8. Be invisible....

    Would you rather eat a spider or eat a blowfish?
  9. Eat a spider
    (They arent dangerous if u haz the guts )

    Would u rather fart in the train or fart out rainbows with nyan cat
  10. Fart out Rainbows with Nyan Cat.

    Would you rather be trapped in a video game or a tv show?
  11. Be trapped in a video game

    Would u get a farting rainbow dog or cat
  12. Dog :)

    Would you rather have legs the length of your fingers or fingers the length of your legs?
  13. Fingers the length of my legs

    Would you rather eat a cat oven baked or blended and heated as a soup
  14. Oven baked

    Would u rather run a marathon on Lego, or get shot in both feet by a shotgun?
  15. Run a marAthon on Lego... Would you rather fart spiders or butterflies
  16. Butterfly's

    Would u rather be young and do anything but not have a lot if money or older with a ton a money and jot he able to do a lot of things
  17. Young and able to do stuff with not a lot of money.

    Would you rather be killed by drowning or strangling?