Worst ee warrior 2015

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by -grizzy-, Dec 25, 2015.

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  1. I vote that scumbag guy always inactive probably the worst I have ever warred with not just 2015.

    Who do you think is the worst this year?
  2. Anyone with shattered sword
    Ps thinking of picking up a color for forums ideas?
  3. -grizzy- is the worst
  4. How can you be bad and inactive?
  5. He signs up does a few hits and then goes purposely inactive lol.
  6. Great vote
  7. So far its the best one...
  8. I have around 8 inactives who cost me a war. All wars were under 300mil difference. With them on would have been in top 10 ee war ever rank but am trying just to be in top 50 because of then.

    All these were Indy, have lost one ll war by a noob not being able to sko and leaking 80-90mil in ko's. Lost by 5mil. Have horrible luck?

  9. Especially since his alt, -Grizzly- was inactive in the war that just ended.
  10. I understand your pain, but I've never liked hater threads much. Show a little love for the holidays. Mods should get rid of this thread IMO.
  11. Have a laugh frog.
  12. @the grave (or whatever your name is)

    That's not my alt.
  13. You've never warred with scumbag. If he caught on fire I wouldn't pee on him to put him out.
  14. Inactive isn't the worst

    ppls who keep casting 4x ps in his bracket to guarantee there will have open ps in his oppon roster is the worst warrior
  15. Ok time for this thread to be terminated now, going towards hating a player is against the ToU, please don't encourage this type of behaviour, thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.